Long Distance Relationship – How to make it work!

A long-distance relationship or Close-proximity relations

The long-distance relationship means two romantic people in love, alienated because of geographical distance. The genre includes husbands & wives, college students separated for higher studies/ career, or simply online relationship developed.

The same can be by choice or need of the hour as well. However, what makes the couple opt for long distance relationship?

The reasons people prefer Long-distance relationships (LDRs)

  • Inability to cope up with financial burdens, which becomes a hindrance in relationships
  • Inability to meet up higher expectations of a partner during face-to-face meetings.
  • The studies reveal that long-distance relationships work better than close-proximity relationships for many.
  • Relations bloom over dating websites
  • Couples agree to grow academically and achieve their career goals before they reunite

Benefits of Long distance relationships

  • Long-distance relationships easily sorted out, in comparison to close proximity relations.
  • Long-distance relationships has less insecurity and more love for a partner
  • More fun with a partner, fewer conflicts
  • More dedication and feeling of open relationships, with least strings attached.
  • The firm discernment that relationship would lead to marriage
  • Both partners have freedom to pursue their interests without any restrictions.

Husband and wife relationship on long distance

The relations between husband and wife have multiple dimensions. They love each other, they hate each other, they fight also, but they cannot live without each other. However, when they are at distance in different places, they become friends than the regular married couple.

They talk at length on video calls, share their life regularly, share some music they heard, or maybe a dance step. All this to maintain the closeness as if they had never separated.

A long-distance relationship (LDR) VS close proximity relations

Many people stand for LDR; however, the future of long-distance relationship has many limitations. The only way a long-distance relationship can survive by promoting itself to the next level, the close-proximity relationship.

Long-distance may be ok with the friends or relatives but in romantic angles, many physical factors work overtime. A long distance romance has the future for limited time then lovers wish to come together, in each other’s physical space. The future of close-proximity relationship is brighter than LDR.

However, there are ways couples can make the relationship stronger whether staying near or far. It is by sending customized gifts for husband or wife.

Personalized Gifts to woo the better half

Husbands giving gift to wives, on a joyful occasion such as anniversary or his birthday, are a very good idea to make the relationship stronger.

Similarly, a gift from wife to husband reciprocate the love and care. Good gifts underscore the true feelings and bring couple closer. Here are few gift ideas to maintain the spark in long distance relations:

gifts for wife


  • Personalized Clocks: The clock adorns every wall, so what better idea than to gift a clock with the husband and wife’s picture set in the template. It is a great way to show your love. The picture is set on the canvas next to a wall clock. Talking of the personalized gift for husband or wife, this gift is amazing in true sense.
  • Personalized pencil sketch: A hand-drawn pencil sketch in digital format, printed on the canvas and mounted over a wooden frame, takes you back into the time. Sketches drawn by a professional sketch artist, as per your romantic couple photo, would charm you both.
  • Dancing couple wine glasses: A classy personalized gift for wife or husband with the dancing pose and your name etched over them makes for a great gift.
  • Printed coffee mugs: The personalized coffee mugs with a personal photo printed, will always keep the face of your loved one, just in front of you.


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