More than just Gifts

Since time immemorial the best way to strengthen a relationship has been the art of communication. An open channel of communication ensures that you understand your partner and are understood by him/her. Although communication alone is never enough. It always needs assistance from various other means. Sometimes a communication is assisted by food and at others by a gesture we all call gifts. If chosen carefully, these gifts can transcend the boundary of their existence and become much more than a non-living component of the communication. Now either you can simply pick something up from the shelf, like I used to do, and wrap it up in a shiny flowery looking gift wrap, or, you can personalize the gift entirely. No! No! Don’t be spooked, you do not have to sit and make the gift. There is an easy way to personalize your husband’s gift. All you have to do is log on to and you will be greeted by a world of exquisite personalized gift items. Here are few that I gave to my loving husband:

  1. Caricature on Canvas: If he has a funny bone (Like mine does) and loves to cackle, there can never be a better gift than this for your husband. Choose one of your best moments together and have it transformed into a caricature canvas. A gift that will never always remind him of you.
  2. Personalized laptop pouch: In this technologically advanced world, we as wives dread the advent of laptops and their penetration in our lives. These godforsaken things (only when he uses it) have become the new ‘third’ in our relationships. But, now you can convert the laptop into your aid. Just gift your husband a personalized laptop pouch with your moment.
  3. Office Accessories: Every man loves his accessories (though we believe the opposite) as much as we do. They keep it close to their heart, like a pen in his pocket. You could take the clue and present him with an exquisite pen with his name inscribed on it.
  4. Personalized Caricature T-shirts: Make your husband look great with my personal favorite, personalized caricature t-shirts. My husband wears them to his gym, clubs and various other places. He will wear you on him always!

With these immaculate pieces of love, you can say more than your words can ever say. So, do not wait any more, just log on to Dezains and get the best personalized gifts for your husband. Give Him more than just gifts!

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