Innovative: Anniversary gifts to dear Wife

The ultimate guide to buying best Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Anniversary just around the corner but you haven’t still figured out what to gift your wife? Buying amazing anniversary gifts for wife has become particularly simple with the abundance of online gift stores. You get plenty of choices but nobody can deny the magic of ‘personalizing the gifts’.

But before we move to the part where we tell you what gifts to buy for your wife, you need to know what gifts not to buy for your wife.

  1. Kitchen accessories

When you buy a kitchen accessory for your wife, you limit her role in your life and home to the kitchen. Surely, after all these years together, she deserves better. Avoid buying any kitchen accessories unless your wife is a chef and has had a particular item on her wishlist. Also, kitchen accessories are the exact opposite of romantic. Don’t let your wife feel like you prioritize her role in the kitchen especially on your anniversary.

kitchen accessories for wife anniversary

  1. A mug with a photo of you together

This is the most boring gift any husband could ever to his wife. Everybody has one of these. Mugs with photos of people aren’t exactly very special or romantic.

  1. Champagne or Wine

Well, we aren’t exactly against champagne or wine (older, better) but don’t gift these alone. Champagne or wine deserves to be gifted in a pair or a set of gifts. Try giving champagne or wine company with some flowers, cake, jewelry, etc.

champagne wine gifts

  1. Gift cards

Gift cards are thoughtless and extremely materialistic. You don’t want your wife thinking that you didn’t put in enough time to buy an anniversary gift for her. Take some time off, brainstorm based on what your wife likes most and buy a thoughtful gift.

Innovative Anniversary Gifts for Wife: the ones that you should buy

  1. Get really creative picking gifts for your wife on your anniversary and try some shot glasses with her name scribed on them.
  2. If your wifey enjoys some heel love then you can get personalized heels. And, if you are in the mood, go a little naughty with Black and Red Christian Louboutin Heels.
  3. How about a personalized jar of chits that contain love notes, messages, best love quotes or better, your handwritten love notes to your wife? This may take some time but it’s worth the effort.
  4. Have you considered getting Mr. and Mrs. everything like cushions, T-shirts, Jars, etc? It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married. The key is to stay young and passionate at heart.
  5. Get the most loving things your wife said to you printed or engraved on beautiful ceramic plates. Or you could make a collection of all the times (dates) you felt you were lucky to have her and get those dates engraved on plates or small wood boards. Then, present them to her over anniversary dinner and tell her how this anniversary is one of those days.

anniversary gifts for wife clock caricature

Go classy

  1. Women hate jewelry said nobody. If you don’t have a lot of time, jewelry will bail you.
  2. A lavish dinner at the best romantic restaurant in your city will definitely make an impact on your wife. Just make sure you make reservations.
  3. Buy your dear wife another wedding dress, write a heartfelt letter to her and finish it with, “I do and will always do”.
  4. Throw a surprise party for her, complete with decorations, love notes and a lot of wine and good food.
  5. How about a mixtape? Yep, they are classic.

gifts for wife on anniversary

Figuring out anniversary gifts for wife should be a fun task for you. After all, she’s your partner in everything and picking the right gift for her will help you get to know her better and tell her that you cherish her.