Who is more important – Family or friend?

There was a time when family was at the pinnacle of our lives. Our family was the most important part of our lives. All our ambitions and aspirations were first shared with members of our family and later it would be discussed amongst our friend circle.

Now-a-days this has changed. We live in a world where friends are become as close as family. There are many of us who also consider our friends as our family members where we stay at each other’s places and our houses too are considered as theirs! While some of you can relate to it, there may be others who are wondering if i am in my senses…

Well….yes I’m very much in my senses and I am talking reality. Gone were the days when friends took a back seat in the life of an individual. By this I am not saying that family has taken a back seat, I am just saying that friends have become integral parts of our lives. There are many of us who may not share our personal stuff with members of our family but would go all out of our way to share that item with a friend.

I also know of people who actually prefer staying with their friends for days and months, fight like real siblings but still love and care for each other. That’s the bond of true friendship. So when this bond is so special, why not express the feelings with personalized gifts?

You may be wondering why most of my articles are based on gifting or somewhere or the other related to gifting. It’s solely because as a person, I love giving gifts because I know I may receive gifts too. You may call me selfish but that’s the fact! Anyways there are a hell loads of things you can gift your friend especially when they are considered as part of your family.

You could begin with making personalized cards – this card could contain anything that speaks volumes of either your friend or the bond of friendship that you share. You could add a little personal touch by adding pictures or writing the names you have kept for the person. Apart from this, if your friend is a creative person, you could gift her something funky or just make something out of random stuff. Check some tutorials from YouTube. It really works.

Apart from this, there are many other things that you could gift like personalized t-shirts, personalized mugs, caps, etc. If your friend eats drinks and sleeps fashion, then play safe and gift her either bags or shoes or just splurge a bit on a make-up kit.

Although these items are suggestion, the best gift would be the one that comes from your heart towards our friend as you are the one who knows him/her the best and their choice. Many people boast of the number friends that they have; but the ones who really remain, are the friends for life!

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