Here is the list of perfect surprising gifts for your Boyfriend – 2018

Unique Boyfriend Present Ideas for Men

When you want to pick out on something really cool and unusual, you need to look out for gifts that can truly be unique. At the same time, these gifts suit your wallet as well. Your boyfriend may have all the gadgets you can think off. But still, if you want to surprise him with something unusual, these are the ones.

Presenting you with truly unique gifts for boyfriend on his birthday:

Mini Arcade Machine

No guy says no to video games. You have a power-packed range of as many as 240 games. You find a multi-faceted range of audio cum video games. These range from sports, solving puzzle corners, shooting games and a lot many. You have a 5 cm LCD screen with inbuilt speakers too. Your boyfriend is going to love you for this.

Romantic gifting ideas

Are you keen on giving away something romantic? This is going to be one of the best romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend. You can choose floral based incense sticks. You can buy these in different flavors like rose, sandalwood, mixed fragrances, jasmine and so on. While you have aromatic candles to beautify his bedroom, you can light up the floral incense sticks too. The fragrances emanated via these can lead to a magical experience indeed.

You can allow him to light these incense sticks while he is out driving his car. Your long drives can be a blissful one with this idea.

Porcelain mugs

Again this is a gift product that never goes outdated. You can buy a plain version of a porcelain glass mug. You can buy a glazed porcelain mug for that extra sheen. You can hire a caricature artist to portray a scene from one of his favorite action-packed movies. Or even ask the artist to sketch out his favorite Hollywood actor. This would be a surprise birthday gift he definitely wouldn’t have anticipated.

Home and Garden products

This is one of the best birthday gift ideas for boyfriend indeed. You can buy saplings or seeds of flowers and some of the exotic fruits. Make sure these grow from a home-based garden or your verandah. You can buy beautiful pots and plant these saplings. For your boyfriend who loves nature, this is going to be a bountiful gifting idea indeed. Surprise him while you have planted ten to twelve potted plants in his home garden. He is going to treasure this gift for years to come.

Metal art gifts

This is a gifting idea that is truly unique and is one of a kind. Opt for fabulous metal art collections. You get genres of bikes, travel locations, space objects and lot many. Keeping your boyfriend’s fantasy in mind, you can have a metal art collection customized. Again you have a unique gift for your boyfriend on his birthday.

These are some of the most unique birthday gift ideas for boyfriend. These are definitely thought-provoking gift articles you can allow your guy to stack up with. These break the usual monotony of gifting guys or men with watches, t-shirts, roses and other candid gifts.

Buy Romantic Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend Online

Birthday is a special day in everyone’s life and it is the perfect time to let your boyfriend know how special he is to you. Though we can admit that finding a perfect gift for the man in your life and be a daunting task. You need to consider his interests, his personality and of course his temperament too before you pick a gift for him.

If you are in look out for a unique gift for boyfriend on his birthday, you can make a pick from some of them mentioned below. These are not only personalized but are perfect as a birthday gift for any guy.

A Caricature Poster

This is one of the best birthday gifts for boyfriend. This will for sure surprise him as it reflects how well you know your guy. You can have a professional artist do a poster for your boyfriend based on the description you provide them. You can provide pictures, based on which the artist will draw the face on the caricature. All it needs is a creative mind and a free hand of a professional artist.

If you feel that a caricature poster is not his thing, let’s check out the other birthday gifts for boyfriend available.

Wine Glasses

Who wouldn’t love a candle lit dinner, wine and a dance with their partner? If you think this is what your boyfriend might like, why not choose wine glasses that come with customized engraving. These can be an ideal addition to his home bar. All you need to do is to provide details (as to what needs to be engraved on the glasses) and it is just taken care of.

A Photo Magnet

It is time you tell your boyfriend how special he is to you. You can do so by presenting him with a photo magnet on his birthday. A personalized photo magnet can be used to illustrate your feelings for him and this gift will flatter him for sure.

Designer Wall Clock with a Picture

If you want to remind your boyfriend about the special bond you share with him, choose a designer wall clock that comes with a photo added to it. You can add his favourite photo or a picture of you and him together.

Personalized Photo Magnet

If your boyfriend’s birthday is just around the corner and you need to give him something romantic and special, why not get him a personalized photo magnet which showcases your everlasting love. So, time to get your creative juices flowing!

Personalized Beer Mug

If your guy loves to drink in your company and enjoys it to the core, why not surprise him with a personalized beer mug. These beer mugs are available in chic designs and you can even add a message over it. This way, he is will be reminded of your love every time he lifts up the beer mug.

Well, these are some of the unique and romantic birthday gift ideas for boyfriend. So, choose one and get all ready to surprise your man.