Happy Married Life

Well-settled, madly in love, approved for each other by their family members and now it was time for them to be happily married!

Sameer and Rashmi were always those perfect couples – envied by everyone in college, mainly because they had a ‘close to perfect’ relationship. Their wavelengths matched and understanding each other was always a strong point, until a thing called ‘preparations for marriage’ happened to them.

Right from the time their marriage date was fixed and preparations topped the charts, they were all panicky. Rashmi was all about – “How will we do this?”,  “A toothbrush is missing from my packed bags”, “I can’t find my hairdryer”, “Sameer, I’ll catch you with a plier and take you for shopping, if you refuse to come”. Seeing such a different face of Rashmi altogether, Sameer always tried to escape the situations where she was involved.

All this continued until they saw each other at their wedding and the moment they stared into each others eyes knowing that they’ll be tied to be together forever, everything was back to normal. They laughed thinking how silly they had been for the past few months and that it was nice to be so for a change.

Their friends had been observing them for the last few months and had been worried of their unusual behaviour. They thought they should gift them something that will remind them of their love for each other every time they see it and it should be a little funny so their fights always get diverted into a fun zone. And that’s when they came to dezains and gifted them exactly what they had in mind.

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