Engagement – a formal agreement to get married.

There was a time when very few people used to get engaged before they tie the knot for marriage. Initially, the tenure for an engagement was 1year and post that year, the said couple would get married if things worked out well…

Now-a-days, the tenure for engagement has reduced; but getting engaged has become the latest fad. More number of engagements, more parties to attend, right?

Engagements are now being celebrated with great pomp and style. It’s as good as a marriage celebration with a proper reception where families and friends get together and celebrate the union of two people.

With an additional function, the choice for gifts has also become a problem right? Don’t worry I have come across unique gifting ideas that you could choose from and make them one of them your next gifting option.


Yes, shot glasses. Shot glasses are not only meant to gift your best friends, but they could be ideal engagement gifts too. It’s not necessary that the couple should be drinkers; but they could use them as show-pieces. You could buy plain shot glasses and personalize them with their names written on each glass. It’s super cool and fun!


Cup cakes are the cutest item you could ever gift a person. I would specifically say red velvet as it tastes yum and has that red colour which looks awesome and yummy. You could either bake these cup cakes yourself or buy them from a store. As long as they are soft and fresh, this works as a perfect gift.


Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Like Cadbury says, “Shubh kaam karne se pehle, kuch meetha ho jaye” Which means, before you start something, have a sweet! Yes so all I’m asking you to do is, make some liquor chocolates or order them and cart it along with you for the engagement ceremony and gift the couple.


An engagement is a vow before marriage so getting them a plate carving is rare and awesome! You could imprint their respective names on the plate along with the engagement date. This is something unique, special and cool… Gift wrap well to add that special touch.

It’s high time the tradition of gifting flowers should stop. All we do with flowers are gift them and it would go in the bin the next day. So to hell with flowers and embrace the latest trends in gifting.

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