Gift your Girlfriend Something ‘out-of-the-blue’!

How many of us are adventure lovers? I’m pretty sure all of us have a wild side to us; whilst some of us can confidently flaunt it, others give a passing nod. Either way, we all wish to experience something new, something that’s out of the blue!

Same was the case with a couple I knew very closely. They were into girlfriend – boyfriend relation. Yash and Dia were both adventure crazy. Every chance they could get, be it trekking, camping, long rides (preferably on a Bullet) or anything else that was strictly outdoors; they’d snatch that opportunity and make a memory. One such incident that I vividly remember was after their trek in the lofty mountains of Leh. Ah! The quiet valleys, snow-kissed peaks, pristine white & blue lakes and the serene azure skies of Leh. The beautiful locales spotted with pious monasteries, panoramic vistas that blissfully surround the villages and natives who go about their daily lives with such gusto! All in their most natural form!

Yash and Dia too were having the time of their lives as they were slowly engulfed into the tranquility of Leh. After two days of strenuous trekking and adapting to the severe temperatures which kept dropping as they headed to the peak of Mount Stock Kangri, their group decided to halt at the nearest base camp. Tents were mounted, fires meant for boiling water and cooking were lit, as it was the time to unpack their luggage and unwind themselves. Many of the group mates had a quick bite and headed towards their tent to crash as soon as they could. Yash had an altogether different plan for Dia. As she stood by the fire, he escorted her to the end of the camp where something special awaited her…

A double portable bed adorned with pink and red rose petals lied on the pristine white snow. On the bed rested two soft personalized couple cushions with their names on them (conspicuously, in pink and blue). Candles surrounded the bed, spreading soft rays of warmth and light. Next to it were a set of two shot glasses, resting neatly next to an unopened bottle of Antiquity Blue. Music of the cold winds seemed to create a romantic ambience as a million stars shone in the dark skies, witnessing the happiness on Dia’s face! A complete romantic experience; what could be more romantic gift for a girlfriend than this?

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