Gift Wrapped in Love

Puja and Aman were neighbors since birth. As they grew up, their parents put them in the same school – St. Mary’s High School – as it was just a stone’s throw away from their colony. Either of their parents would take turns to drop their angels to school. When it came to crossing roads, the three would walk in a row; Puja and Aman holding their pinkies. It sort of became an everyday ritual. Time passed by and parents thought their children were old enough to cross on their own. So, right from third grade these little darlings dared to cross the road on their own, never forgetting to hold pinkies. As someone correctly stated, old habits die hard. And in this case, that tiny knot wasn’t going to break for a long time!

In most cases, children hate going to school. But these cartoons had a different funda altogether! Each day at school was like a new day to discover, new horizons to explore and new ways to make history. Now if you are a parent you must be wondering, how I wish my brat was like that. If not, then you’d want your child-to-be to be like these ones. Wait, don’t jump the gun. For these two were no innocent angels. Their day began with discovering new ways to annoy people, explore the unexplored realm of pranks and become famous for their notoriety. Friendship like that of Calvin and Hobbes, their imagination knew no bounds… As they cleared every grade with equal zest for studies and fun, their bond grew stronger. There wasn’t a single day they wouldn’t hang out with each other. Puja made a lot of girlfriends and Aman had his own gang of boys, but never did they separate. They sort of became a couple but never accepted it being a girlfriendboyfriend couple. As they were lost in their own world, time flew by pretty soon and they grew up to become adults for whom God had a bigger plan… Nine years later, after they’d cleared the HSC exams with flying colours (the pranks hadn’t mellowed down even an inch) it was time for Puja to fly to London for further studies. It was her dream to become a lawyer and get her degree from the London School of Economics. Parting from Aman was harder than her course curriculum but she wouldn’t show because she knew Aman was heartbroken too.

13th January, 2010 had finally arrived. She wished the sun wouldn’t rise that day, but there she stood in front of Aman looking into his piercing hazel eyes. None of them spoke a word but millions of words were already spoken. Their eyes did all the talking. But, their keen ears heard just one long word – goodbye. It felt like an eternity as Aman saw Puja disappear on the busy roads of Mumbai, with her bag pack, luggage and sentimental parents who would console each other on their way back home…

For Puja, life was difficult with unknown faces and places, and adjusting to a world without Aman wasn’t easy. The day she reached the hostel, she felt something she had never felt before. Her heart was racing, her mind in a frenzy, and body absolutely restless. All that was in her mind was Aman. She missed him already! ‘Am I in love?’ she wondered. Have I fallen for a guy who is miles away from me? And there it was; a smile which broke free after hours of grimness. She decided to hold on to it till she would finally see Aman exactly three years later on 13th January, 2013! After all she had to make him realize that ‘he’ was going to be her boyfriend that she was his and his only girlfriend-to-be. The three-year wait which followed felt like three decades, but she really worked hard towards achieving her goal and passed out with a distinction.

As 11th January, 2013 was around the corner, Puja started packing and shopping for relatives and friends as her return trip had been planned. Albeit her preparations for the big meeting had begun two weeks ago. As we all know, girls like to gossip and believe more in word-of-mouth than advertising. Her friend Tia had strongly recommended her to shop online from, an online gift store which exhibits a wide array of customized gifts for boyfriend. She knew what Aman’s choices were. Though they hadn’t drunk much together, she knew he liked his drink the classic style: Whiskey on the rocks. So the list of gifts had to include a bottle of Black Dog and a set of personalized whiskey glasses. Then a personalized painting of their childhood photograph was added in her cart. Lastly, she bought a caricature chumbak for him with none other than the Batman’s attire! Oh boy, was she having fun finding all these gifts for her boyfriend and the excitement of finding out his reaction when he saw them… and something else which would be gift wrapped for him!

If Aman had known Puja was to come back to Mumbai, he would’ve picked her up straight from the airport. But there he was at home, in his pajamas, watching TV when the doorbell rang. He opened the door only to find a delivery from with no name of the sender. As he looked up after signing the delivery sheet, he saw his biggest surprise wrapped in a pink dress with a bow as her hair band! He couldn’t believe Puja was standing right in front of him. She moved forward, held his little finger  (pinkie) and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. And love just happened! It took them years to realize. But when it happened… it was the best that could ever happen!

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