Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Wife Feb, 2015

It’s hard to be unique during the holiday of love and frankly, some people prefer the traditional box of chocolates and roses.

Your girlfriend or wife deserves the best, and sometimes this means getting something that reminds you both of how much you actually care about one another. This time around, we’re keeping things cute and sappy, and found 25 gifts that are generally embroidered with hearts, birds and kisses.

So if you’re up for surprising her with something more classic — since we all know romance never gets old — here are 25 gifts that will impress the lady in your life:


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner; markets are flooded with Valentine day gifts. Choosing an ideal gift for your Valentine seems difficult. Do not worry; we are here to help you with Valentine’s Day gift ideas for 2012. Read on to find interesting gift ideas for the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is here again and one of the most exciting things about celebrating this occasion is giving and receiving gifts. Buying or making gifts for someone you love is never easy. A lot of thought and effort has to go in before you choose the ideal gift for your Valentine.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for you to express your love and affection for special people in your life. The best way to do this is to gift something really valuable which your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

Irrespective of whether you prefer the conventional way of gifting flowers and candy to your Valentine or are of the adventurous type looking for unique ways to show that you care, here are some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for 2012.

Gift Idea #1: Flowers & Sweets

Women simply love flowers. This age old classical gift is suitable for all women in your life be it your girlfriend, wife, sibling or even your teacher. Instead of going in for the traditional bouquets comprising of 12 red roses you can gift exotic flowers like orchids or a mix of flowers in vibrant colors.

In the current digital age you can order flowers online and have it delivered to your special women at workplace or their homes. In addition to flowers sweets like candy and chocolateare some of the other traditional Valentine’s Day gifts. You can consider gifting special Valentine’s Day chocolates and cakes which can be custom made to suit your Valentines taste and preferences.

Gift Idea #2: Photographs

Photographs are one of the easiest ways to treasure special memories that people share with their Valentine. You can capture pictures on Valentine’s Day itself and gift it instantly. Alternatively you can surprise you Valentine by getting one of your favorite images of each other framed beforehand.

Gift Idea #3: Special Interest Gifts

Make use of this occasion to gift your Valentine something that they are passionate about. For example in case your Valentine is interested in reading books you can gift him or her latest that technology has to offer book lovers- an e-reader. Also referred to as a digital book, an electronic book or a portable book this device basically allows one to buy, browse and read books online. Although not very romantic, this practical gift is something your Valentine is bound to make use of frequently while engaging in something he or she enjoys.

Gift Idea #4: Experience Gifts

Many people like to spend quality time with their loved ones on Valentine’s Day doing something that they enjoy. Known as experience gift this can be chosen specifically to suit a person’s interest. For example you can gift tickets for a live band, an open air concert, a theatre play, a sports match or take your Valentine out for an unforgettable hot air balloon ride.

Gift Idea #5 Do it yourself Gifts

Apart from the gifts which are easily available in the market and can be purchased for a price here are some simple do it yourself gift ideas. To make this day special for your Valentine you can do the following things.

Cooking for Your Valentine – Become a chef for the day and cook a gourmet meal for him or her. For this you must plan in advance and try to cook his or her favorite meal. You could also consider baking a special cake for your Valentine.

Fun Activities with Your Valentine – Enjoy the day together by engaging in simple fun activities like swimming, bowling match, watching a movie or going out for a long drive.

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