Gift Vouchers: The saddest thing that can happen to Gifting

5 reasons you should avoid gifting vouchers

The growing popularity of gift vouchers is slowly strangling the joy of gifting. Presents should never be about money. Vouchers are a temporary joy with no personal touch, no meaning.

Here are 5 reasons why you should avoid gifting vouchers to anyone as gifts:

  1. Vouchers don’t build relationships

Vouchers are ‘use and dispose’ and easily replaceable. They don’t signify or are symbolic of a relationship and definitely don’t help you strengthen your bond with others. Personalized gifts, on the other hand, require you to put in an emotional effort and serve as a symbol of long-term relationship.

For example, if you gift your old friend or son-in-law a rare picture of all of you together, it will surely make a lasting impression on them. Moreover, the gift will adorn their office and home walls.

  1. Vouchers are shortcuts

Personalized mementos not just immortalize a memory and relationship but also evoke positive emotions. The picture your students gave you a decade back will always remind you of them and that specific day the picture was taken.

Vouchers are void gifts with no emotions, no sincerity. They are shortcuts and centered on materialism.

  1. Vouchers are not expressive

A thoughtful gift is meaningful and expressive. For instance, if your niece wanted a certain book or toy and you got her the same, she’d remember this as a huge gesture of love. Gifting expressive gifts is not all about fulfilling your loved ones’ all demands but in moderation, it sure helps you build a lifelong connection.

Think about the connection you will make if you bought your daughter her first spring dance dress or got her the dress she had been meaning to buy for prom!

Expressive gifts don’t all have to be the most desired object of a person but meaningful that show that you really care. Vouchers are just money that anyone can spend on anything. There is not much meaning to it.

  1. Vouchers are materialistic

Vouchers are all about being paid for. They hint towards ignorance and apparent lack of interest in the person you are presenting it to. Moreover, vouchers really just further self-interest and make people more materialistic.

A friend or someone accepting a gift from you wouldn’t be too demanding or make a special request to pick their own gift unless you shared a close bonding. But vouchers let people purchase anything they like and the only contribution you make is picking the tab.

  1. Vouchers may not always be so desired

Shoppers have their own preferences. Some people shop from the same store throughout their lives and some decline specific store products due to ethical and other concerns. However, when presented with a voucher gift from a store that they do not buy from or don’t prefer buying from, they are forced to use it or dispose of it. Either way, your effort is wasted.

Final words

When selecting gifts, don’t focus on buying the costliest one. Focus on selecting the gift that lets you express your feelings. Think about the kind of relationship you share and the significance of gifts. A personalized cushion or mug would make a much better gift than a voucher and leave a notable impression on people.

Don’t just gift to impress. Gift to express and build a relationship.