Gift Ideas for Husband/Wife for the First Birthday After being Married

Birthdays are precious. Its a memory and also a chance to show your partner how much you love them. And of course the first birthday after wedding is very special. Buying gifts for a husband or wife can be a challenge, specially if its the first one after the wedding. Knowing what they like and doesn’t like can provide you with a good starting point, allowing you to eliminate items from your list that you know would be of little interest to them. And its true that many of the things he like, chances are that he already have it.

Birthday Gift for Husband Wife After Wedding

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It is never about how costly the gift is. It’s more about the memory it holds. And how creative or funny we get with it is the next thing. So here we have listed a few memorable and cool stuff to get as an birthday gift for your partner.

husband wife gifts birthday anniversary

We have listed some interesting finds below. Click on the image or link to get these items on offer.

Your Partner is fitness conscious? Regular gym goer, jogger or something like that? Then you now have an amazing opportunity to make him or her happy by giving them this as birthday present. Being a jogger myself, I would definitely love if someone presents me this. And especially if you give this to the love of your life they will feel head over heels happy. There are lot of bluetooth headphone available in market, and we have handpicked just the one for your.

This gift will help you understand many things about your partner that you never knew all these days. An intimate game that’s fun and hilarious. This is a best gift for fun loving partner. They are available at low cost, and you can easily order this online. This one is a tried and test thing, to kick start the new marriage.

fun card for couples

Product Description as on Amazon

Hundreds of Couples have enjoyed our Card Games for Adult Couples. Fun Flirty Spicy Sweet and Flirty 50 Intimacy-engaging activities to improve your relationship and cherish fresh feelings in your love life. Build Lasting Relationship The Game and its activities is tailored to help you open communication and build lasting relationship and sexual health for you and your partner Give More It invites you and your partner to feel the joy of giving! All wrapped in a sleek packaging, excellent to present as a gift Explore New Pleasures Experience pleasures from Romantic Conversations to physical activities together to having sweet gifts from each other 6 Categories Experience different kinds of romantic adventures with 6 love inducing categories. Premium and Sexy Design Travel-sized packaging includes: -36 Cards with activities -10 “blank” cards for you to fill in -Instruction Book -2 rolling dice

Beautiful engraving design for wine tumbler glass. This stemless wine glass will be engraved with the message as in the template. Add the birth date, and his age and make a perfect personalized gift for 1st birthday after getting married.

husband birthday gift 1st birthday


You have a big family but both of you love traveling? Get this awesome and useful gift and install so you never miss any visitors. Imagine your partner doesn’t have to go to door to answer a door bell. This WiFi enabled door bell lets them answer a door bell from mobile anywhere, it enables two way communication. Being concerned about your partners convenience is very important so as a partner they will be really happy to get a unique useful gift like this.

The amazing part about this gift is, Amazon provides Lifetime purchase protection: If your doorbell gets stolen, they will replace it, for free! Yes you read that right.

video doorbell for husband

We all know one sure shot way to make our partner happy. Yeah you guessed it right. Who in this world doesn’t love sex! Make your partner feel happy by giving this naughty gift. They will definitely be shocked and surprised to see this as a gift. Light up a candle, arrange a candle light dinner and give this small and creative gift to impress your love. Am sure you both will have lots of fun with this gift.

First Birthday Gift for Husband/Wife After Wedding

Birthdays are precious. Its a memory and also a chance to show your partner how much you love them. And of course the first birthday after wedding is very special. Buying gifts for a husband or wife can be a challenge. Knowing what they like and doesn’t like can provide you with a good starting point, allowing you to eliminate items from your list that you know would be of little interest to them.

If the person you are shopping for happens to be your husband or longtime boyfriend, your relationship with him can provide a key to what he is most likely to appreciate from you as a gift. Don’t discount the value of perishable items like food and candies as a way to a man’s heart. A gift that he needs the most is certainly a great way to his heart. This docking station serves the purpose to point.

charging station desk manager


  • Handmade Wooden docking station Compatible with all cell phones, so you can still use it when you upgrade your phone!
  • Keeps you organized-always know where your phone, wallet, watch, and keys are located
  • Made from Teak Wood these desk organizer are ideal innovative gifts, Folds and packs flat; Minimal assembly required, no tools required. All occasions gifts for wedding, birthday, anniversary



Always makes a fantastic gift for birthdays. Classic couple bracelet with words embedded will definitely make your partner feel happy. This couple bracelets are made by quality craftsman with good polishing, which makes the bracelet exquisite. A perfect creative gift for birthday.

couple braclete

YELLOW CHIMES brings exclusive Fashion Jewellery designs to you from renowned jewellery manufacturers all over the world. The Best Price is assured to you as we remove all middlemen margins and real-estate expenses by directly purchasing from international manufacturers. Thus, beautiful and contemporary Fashion Jewellery is made available at very reasonable prices to our valuable customers.

A greeting card that can hold 6 beers and a lovely message for your love. Check out our post Birthday wishes for Husband to find awesome wishes that goes perfect with this greeting. Or your can gift customised beer mugs to him! Look at all the templates here

This gift is so quirky and cute. You can let your partner know your mood using this gift. It is a small gift but get this along as a side gift to make it very interesting. This will let your person know that you are a fun full person. You can see more cushions here

1st anniversary gifts for husband


T-shirts are a great gift for every occasion. Printed Tshirts you can convey every message you want to your partner and also to the world. You can go for customized wordings or pre-printed words. You can also go for couple T-shirts with your own caricature on it. Its a real eye turner

1st anniversary gift for wife


A nice collectors item that a person who knows its value will cherish for lifetime. If your partner loves Monogramed Pens then get them this awesome 24 carat gold plates pen. They will instantly fall in love with it

gift pen set for husband

Product Description :

Embark on a cursive writing spree as you are equipped with luxury at your fingertips. The compact marvels from Parker serve to be excellent writing instruments. The Parker Vector Gold GT (RB+BP) Pen Set guarantees uninterrupted flow of rich, smudge-proof blue ink and these pens are complemented with fine and medium tip grade. Made of gold-plated stainless steel, these pens can be perched stylishly on your pocket as they are equipped with flexible, stainless steel, gold-plated clip, adding a hint of allure.

These pens are supplied with a fine width replaceable ballpoint refill and a Tungsten Carbide (TC) Ball for optimum efficiency. The roller ball pen comes with a cap off and on mechanism and the ball pen comes with a cap press action for easy use.

He loves Drones? then get this awesome drone with HD camera. He will totally love this gift because its like a dream for every guy. Men never stop playing with toys and we all know it.

drone with camera for husband

Key features


  • RC Quadcopter with 2.4 G Gyro Helicopter Drone Toy One Key return without camera Description RC.
  • Quadcopter Brand Name: Pioneer, Color: White, Frequency: 2.4 G, Channel: 4 CH Gyro: 6 Axis Gyroscope, Dimension: 26 x 26 x 10.5 CM
  • Flying Height : 20 Meters and above, Charging Time: 40 mins; Charging Method : USB charging, Flying Time: 6-8 mins, Battery Capacity: 380 MAH, 3.7 V Li-Po.


These above gifts are unique, useful, and good gift options. As we said earlier the price of gift never matters when its our loved one. The amount of time you put up to select a perfect quirky gift will be showcased via these above collections. So good luck!!

Keep watching this space for more updates.

Few more unique birthday gifts ideas for husband wife

Making a lasting impression on your boyfriend, husband, or wife begins with knowing their personality, their quirks, and the hobbies and pursuits they are most passionate about. Finding out what those things are should be your first priority before shopping for a gift, and if you know this person well, chances are you already have some great ideas in mind for gifts for them that are sure to do the trick. Collectible items are great because they are designed to last, have sentimental or monetary value, and can be passed down for generations. Online retailers and specialty shops cater to this type of shopping pursuit.

Things like sports memorabilia, collectibles, men’s jewelry such as watches and bracelets, and electronic gadgets are all typically popular with men of most age groups, particularly young men. T-shirts, leather goods, magazine subscriptions, club memberships and gym memberships are also very popular. similarly gifts like shoes, ladies clothing, handbags and jewelry are all famous among young woman.

DIY Romantic Gifts for your Partner
Unique Paper Gifts

Give your husband a theme gift for your anniversary unique role by creating customised coupons romantic or sentimental memories book. Create romantic gifts for him by cutting colored paper into squares and write custom messages that can be redeemed coupons. It includes activities such as massage, breakfast in bed, ideas and intimate activities date night with you for him to enjoy. Another option only role would be to create a scrapbook of chronicles of your first year of marriage, along with your favorite photos and stories written by hand, including memories and thoughts about him special.
Modern gifts clock

Select a gift from the modern theme-related watches her husband to celebrate their first year together. Buy a watch fashion watch, pocket watch or desktop and give it a personal touch, have it engraved with your name, favorite quote or your wedding date. Other options would be a wall clock for your home or office or an elaborate wall clock.

Unique Gifts Clock

Opting to give a loving husband nature themed gift unique watch with a sundial outdoors for your garden. Sundials come in a variety of colors and styles and an instant focal point to any patio or outdoor garden. For a husband who is a fan of technology, select Wake Up a modern gadget. There are a variety of unique watches available that make options such as display the time on the ceiling and roll around the room when the alarm goes off until they are captured.

unique clock gifts - personalised with name
Photo collage / slideshow

It would be great if you can challenge all your gift. This will be easy to meet. Get a collection of your favorite wedding photos framed and put it up in your bedroom.

photo collage gifts for husband wife

No longer will you need to have experience in photo editing and writing. Since there is a service that will do that for you. With it you can create phenomenal photo slideshows and video messages. You are reading First Birthday Gift for Husband/Wife After Wedding and to know about birthday gift ideas for women check here.

Only will you need to collect all the photos for example wedding or when they began their relationship, their childhood, pictures of vacation they have had together and other events. Try not to put many wedding photos as safe as someone after the wedding.

Spa Treatment

Give her beautiful memories, which she appreciates and always comes back to him.Of course a wedding is fun, but would much preparation of the bride and groom, even after the celebration.

Sure they went through a lot the day before the wedding and it sure went through a lot of experience of festivals, rituals that make art of preparation for the wedding. A good gift that can never be more than enough, would be a day at a spa. Help her to relax and rejuvenate. You could do this as a double coupon, so she can have some relaxation time with her husband.

Have you thought on giving various kitchen objects? But before making this gift, make sure she does not find such gifts received for his wedding.

This is where you will have advantage. Many wedding gifts can be repeated as givers do not know what other people bring. Or that are planning to give gift for his birthday his friends.

You get to see everything you have given, so you know what you have to give him or what he lacks.

Accessories and Decorative Object for Home

Go and buy some home accessories and decorative objects, which adorn the house. This could be tables, bedside lamps, vasas for flowers, ceramics, showpieces and musical clocks. Not that you can not go by a set for lemons, tea, dinner set, a bowl as an addition to the main gift. You could also introduce religious or romantic books, depends on the genre is that she likes to read. One to help her with her new married life.

The summary

Tell me which of these gifts is that you regard as the most appropriate for the 1st birthday gift for your husband/wife after wedding . I’m sure this is not the first birthday you will do it, so it would be a good idea to you to share your ideas with us. Leave us a comment, and ask for suggestions, and we will be glad to help!