Gift Your Husband What’s Worth It!

Husbands… thinking a gift for them is definitely a task. Since we live with them, they already have or own what they want. So finalizing the right one is a task, isn’t it?

Husbands are our pride and joy so giving him the right gift should be our top priority. He is the hard-working one; so gifting him often should be on our priority list. But women, be careful when you gift because it needs to be well accepted by your husband.

Try avoiding gifting the following…


Jewellery might be a girl’s best friend; but it isn’t the best friend of your husbands. Most men may wear jewellery like chains, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc but they prefer to buy it themselves rather than receiving them as gifts. It’s better you plan not to gift your husband jewellery, let him choose himself.


Although men are considered good cooks; that doesn’t mean you gift him kitchen appliances. That’s completely the wife’s department. He may cook occasionally; but let the occasional cooking be where it is. Gifting him an oven or a cooker; wouldn’t be a perfect gift and if you do, be prepared to be baked in the oven.


Unless your husband definitely needs a wallet or wants to buy a new one, this shouldn’t be your idea of a gift. Men love their personal stuff to be of their own choice so if you have bought a wallet, my suggestion is to return it. For men, wallet is functional not a fashion statement.


Playing with images are always fun; but this fun is limited only to the female gender. Men are tough when it comes to romance so gifting him a photo frame of you both, isn’t what he will be expecting. If you gift him a picture of himself along with his mean machine (bikes, cars, etc) he will definitely love it.


Homemade gifts are very thoughtful and cute as gift options but it won’t work out for your husband. He isn’t an emotional person like you so homemade or handmade gifts are not his thing. If you have made something with love and it isn’t appreciated, it will hurt you, right? So avoid handmade gifts please!

Trust me wives, if you gift such hideous things, you definitely don’t know your husband well… So think twice before you buy him one!

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