What should you gift to your dad?

I am his princess, his love and his life. Whatever I want, he goes all out of his way to bring that smile on my face. Since childhood, he has been my first love and will always remain my everlasting love. Wait, wait stop thinking too much – I’m talking about my dad, my prince, my first love!

I am the only child to my parents. They always say only children are more loved by their mothers; but that’s a cliché! In my case, my dad has been my lover and prince charming – a person whom I’m close to and can share anything with him without a hitch. There are a lot of people who call us a ‘couple’ whenever we are seen on the bike or at family functions. That’s because of the bond we share. My dad’s super cool and the most awesome man you’ve ever met. While most people give more importance to Mother’s Day, I give a little more importance to Father’s Day and pamper my dad just the way he pampers me!

You may be wondering what’s wrong – is this a father-daughter relationship or there is something more than that? Well, when you are the only child, except of your parents, you don’t have any sibling whom you’re attached to. The only attachment is towards your parents and in my case, it would be my Dad!

So this Father’s Day, I decided to make my dad feel more special with some personalized items to showcase my love for him. Since I love baking, a cake/muffins are a must; but what more than that? So I decided to make the Internet my friend and started checking for items I could gift my Dad. I came across various websites and this added to my confusion. But there was this one website where I was latched onto due to the fact of a personalized canvas. That’s none other than www.dezains.com

I loved the fact that I could send in a picture of my dad and myself along with a personalized message and they would deliver the item within 7 days. The best part was the canvas looked real and would definitely attract my dad, who’s also a lover of painting. This was the perfect gift I could finalize for my Dad which was apt and which would tell him how much I love him and what he means to me.

I have finalized my perfect gift for my prince charming, my Dad, have you?

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