Funny Gifts for your Adorable Brother!

Siblings have a sentimental relationship with different shades. Among those feelings, the adulation and affection for your adorable brother remain forever. Besides your expressions of affection for him, your funny pranks signify your love in a unique way. Similarly, giving funny gifts for your adorable brother would strengthen your bonds further. Here are few funny gift ideas that you may use, although you may know best what pleases him the most.

funny childhood pic for brotherChildhood photos: There would be some very interesting childhood photos of your brother in your album or on your computer. Use it to annoy him and share the fun just for the sake of old memories. Have the photo enlarged and fit it into a nice frame and gift him. He may love it while pretending to hate you for that unique gift.

Gift him ‘nothing’: When his birthday or a fest comes, you would ask him what gift he wants and most often, he would be saying ‘nothing’. So, why not gift him ‘nothing’. Get a placard with bold ‘nothing’ written on it, gift wrap it nicely and present him. It will be fun when you would respond with a smile that he is getting what he wanted.

Funny films: Remember the funny movies he laughed aloud watching in his childhood and never could have enough of it. Make a collection of those movies and gift him. Your brother not only will cherish this gift while he laughs out but he will remember you always for this consideration.

Foodie gift ideas: Does your brother love to eat and cook as well? Then gift him something unique and funny gift.

  • Mittens-There are few alternatives available for the traditional oven mittens. Gift him some animal or Pac Man shaped silicone mittens. Whenever he would bake something, he will remember you for your funny ideas.
  • aligator shaped gratorGraters alike Alligator’s head – The graters are important kitchenware, choose one with a design variation, such as alligator’s jaws & head, this would look funny for sure.
  • Corn peeler- An amusing gadget that removes kernels from the corn stalks.
  • Pancake maker- A funny-shaped bottle filled with pancake batter is very useful, as anyone can create fun pancake designs with it.
  • Avocado slicer- A fun way to slice avocados is a great fun gift your brother. This cuts, scrapes and slices avocados to perfection.
  • Strawberry stem remover- When you want to remove stems push the claw-like gadget into the strawberries and remove the stem easily.

t-shirt for brother personalizedFun Shirts: Does your brother enjoy wearing those funny lines on the T-shirts? Think of a line to print on it. Use some weird and funny ideas about it that your brother would find funny also. Anyone will read that with smile and it will be a great fun for you and your brother. There are plenty of ideas such as, ‘The world’s Okayest brother’, ‘Proud brother of a freaking awesome sister’, ‘This is how the greatest brother should look like’ etc. Alternatively, get a caricature of his, imprinted on a t-shirt and gift him, what a surprise would it be?

Personalized Coffee Mug for BrotherCoffee Mugs: Your brother would surely like lovely mugs with funny inscriptions. Seen somewhere few mugs that would make a very good funny gift for your brother. One mug had a line that said, ‘Sorry you have to raise my brother’, ‘MY brother has an awesome sister-True Story’ and ‘Mad Bro’ etc.

There are plenty of wild ideas in gadgets, which companies are using in to produce several funny gadgets. There is one golf-set to play while sitting in loo, warning sign boards saying. ‘Deeply satisfying poo in progress’ and desk warning signs ‘senior moments in progress’ etc.

These funny gifts for your adorable brother will definitely enhance the fun in your relationship!