Fun is where friends are !

What do you think is the easiest, the quickest, the most common thing to do as a human being? Making friends, isn’t it? It’s no rocket science or a great breakthrough in psychology, I know, but it just leaves you amazed as to how easy it could happen, though some introverts claim to have a different view! So you meet a complete stranger and in maximum five minutes, you’ve made a new friend. Join a new college or a workplace, meet and hangout with some friend’s friends, or meet random people on a trip… It takes a smile, a few Q&As here and there, and lo! New found friendship! And it doesn’t end here. The best of friends are made at the most unexpected time and place. One such beautiful story which is a lovely excerpt from the pages of my life is something which I’d like to share with you. Most of you might be able to relate with me, because unlike love which has a potential of taking many forms, friendship is a feeling that’s common with all. Ever since the cavemen, it has been the same. Sometimes I feel the God’s made friends first and everything else just happened! Some God must have sat with his friend with an arm around his shoulder, gazing into the azure sky, and wondering, “How would it be if we create something which would soar across the sky, enjoying its freedom. Something which has the strongest eyesight, looks majestic with a powerful beak and attacks snakes! That would be awesome, for who could possible eat a snake right?” God’s creation is wonderful. He’s made everything so beautiful and colorful that it is hard to believe that it wasn’t a result of friendship. Tell me, haven’t we all imagined and planned to do something out-of-the-box with our friends by our sides? Haven’t we sat at Carter Road or a terrace top thinking about how bright our future would be? Similarly, I just think that plans of evolution were made while chilling with best friends!

Leaving the Gods to themselves and coming back from heaven to earth, I’ll tell you about my friends who I never knew would ever get so close to me. Graduation College had just begun a month back and Friendship’s Day was here. The first Sunday of August, though celebrated on the next day. As the ice hadn’t broken yet and people still kept to themselves, this Day opened up those barriers and we all started becoming friends. Tying Friendship Day bands & ribbons, using markers to write our names on any spot that was left; be it t-shirt, hand or any other exposed part of the body… It was all so much fun! Later in the day, the party had shifted to the nearest restaurant and the journey of a group of six best friends had begun. Our group went through a lot of happy and sad moments like that of the sitcom called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and also in some cases like How I Met You Mother. We had a friend who was a perfect blend of Joey and Barney put together. Interesting combo, isn’t it? He was funny and dumb at the same time along with accepting self-made challenges over something so frivolous that eventually we stopped bothering about it. He didn’t and hasn’t given up to this date!

Being a group of young rebels plus weirdoes plus pranksters, we left a mark in everyone’s mind. Sometimes we went through harsh fights among ourselves and a couple of love relationships developed too. Then there came girlfriends and boyfriends of our friends who tried to fit into our group but unsuccessfully. Though all these ups and downs happened more often than not, gifting each other was as frequent as our pockets would allow, for we all loved taking gifts! We made up after a fight with gifts, shared birthday gifts, even on our anniversary which happened to fall on Friendship’s Day we became each other’s Secret Santa and gave away wonderful gifts.

This little Friendship’s Day gifting ritual continued well after graduation, until the force of time separated us. Years later after finding each other on Facebook, we decided to celebrate a reunion cum anniversary. The Secret Santa trend had to be resurrected and gifts had to be shared! We decided to meet at the same restaurant where our friendship had born and grown so strong despite all the problems that we faced together. One by one we all gathered. Hugs, kisses and tears were shared infinitely. Food was called for and we settled down with the same gusto like the olden times. Struck by curiosity and enthusiasm, we all waited to receive our gift. Our beloved gift! First came out the set of whiskey glasses for Rohit. Next were a set of personalized cushions for the cutie that is me! Nandini got a personalized canvas sketch and Sujit was surprised with his favorite Batman chumbak with his face on it. I gifted Sonali a nice wall clock with her photo on it. And Feroz, our Joey-Barney combo got a fantastic tablet cover with no girls on it! What will you call this situation? A made-up story? I know it’s so unbelievable that we all were left gaping at each other and surprised that we all chose to gift our friends from the same online gift store! Celebrate this friendship day with the personalized gifts for your friends and see miracles happen!

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