IT’s Fathers Day

Since birth, it’s only about our Mother’s right? The man instrumental in our birth, has suddenly taken a back step in our lives, right? It may be due to the amount of time we spend with our respective mothers or may be because the father tends to always be the strict one while the mother is the kind, nurturing one. While we regularly celebrate Mother’s Day without fail; but have you thought of the man in your family who feels left out!

While this applies to very few people, there are many who celebrate Father’s Day with pomp and style, giving their Father, the best day in the entire year. While there are most that have planned out how they would spend the day with their dad, there are many who have absolutely no clue what to do. Fret not; I’m here to help…

You could start off the day by…


You may be wondering this is something to do for our mom! No you could adapt the same for your dad. Although he’s the macho man, he will get emotional knowing the fact that you have started off the day on a perfect note by making breakfast. Most men love chai and your dad is no different. So make him a cup of chai, it will definitely work in your favour.


They always say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! This doesn’t mean you’re hitting on your dad; it’s just that you are catering to this sweet tooth. With growing age, people tend to develop a sweet tooth. It doesn’t mean you need to be an expert. You could make use of the online tutorials and make him either a cake or some cupcakes! It makes for an awesome sweet dish.


Who doesn’t love gifts? It’s time you gift your dad. You could choose from a variety of items available in the market or you could make it more special by gifting him a personalized card with a few images, reviving memories for both you and your dad!


This depends on you if you actually want to take your dad out for a meal or you prefer to showcase your cooking skills to your man! Yes I call him your man, because he was always your man (in case you have forgotten). A lovely lunch or dinner wouldn’t cost much, right? So head to one of your favourite dinning places and give him a treat he deserves!

Honestly, I have much more to suggest but first put these tips to task and give me your feedback… I’m waiting!

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