Every Gift Makes A New Memory!

Summer brings along special fruits and sunny memories. Similarly, the 30th of April, 2014, was going to create a wonderful memory for Disha, as she would get married to Ishaan on that day. The wedding would be blessed by both their families, relatives and an amazing overdose of mango ice-cream. As it was an arranged marriage they had been in a courtship period for almost a year, before they finally decided to get married to each other. Call it a coincidence or God’s will, but they both had never been in a relationship and decided to fall in love with the one they would marry. So for Disha, Ishaan was her only boyfriend, her only soul mate and her only true love! As they both came from conservative families, their first meeting had a large audience. More often than not, Indian marriages stem from some distant contact, don’t they? Her mother’s sister knew a guy who knew some other guy who was working with Ishaan and apparently Disha’s aunt happened to know Ishaan’s dad via some other connection. Whew! Long story short, a long trail of connection for a heart-to-heart connection!

So in that meeting, apart from exchanging their biodata and family history, they’d managed to steal a few glances and blushes in between. With her curly brown tresses falling beautifully on her shoulders and dark brown kohled eyes that looked like two oceans to dive into, Ishaan had to force himself not to get diverted! But the next meeting would mark the beginning of a new relationship which would blossom into a bond that would last forever.

On their first date, they happened to hang out at CCD only to find out the first thing they had in common. They both loved Café Frappe and had tasted all types of coffee at every Café. ‘That was a good start’, thought Disha as she sipped on her Frappe at a CCD a year after their first date. She was deciding her wedding flowers with a wedding planner who sat opposite her sipping on a hot shot of espresso. She had to make her boyfriend, soon going-to-be-husband feel special and she had to make it quick. She had been searching for gifts for boyfriend online and stumbled upon Dezains.com while searching for personalized gifts for boyfriend. She knew she was on the right website and began surfing on her wedding planner’s laptop. While surfing through the Gifts for Boyfriend section, she decided to buy him a caricature poster and personalize it. The caricature would have Ishaan in between surrounded by messages that conveyed why he was the best boyfriend in the world! She asked for it to be delivered at her own place as she was going to surprise him with the best gift for her boyfriend on the 29th April, 2014; a day before their marriage. Because that was the last day he would be her boyfriend. It was the last chance to make a new memory. A new memory for a new beginning! And indeed, Ishaan was swept off his feet by this joyous gesture of his girlfriend.

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