Eleven Sexy Gift Ideas for Your Wife That Are Better Than Flowers: Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary or Valentine’s Day

Looking for a sexy gift for your wife? Sure, flowers never fail but your wife deserves a gift she can truly enjoy. Here are some ideas that will bring out the sexier side of your relationship. And these gifts will be totally unexpected and surprise her to heavens!

1. Surprise Delivery: Sexy Lingerie – Babydoll

What is more feminine, sexy and demonstrative of your love than surprising her with lingerie? And you can do so without leaving the house by signing up at Enclosed. Looking for a sexy Valentine’s Day gift for your wife? We have the perfect gift that celebrates your love for your wife. You can buy these lingerie online at zivame. We have picked up this red and spicy gift for your better half.

Suggestion: Surprise your wife, lover or girlfriend with some gorgeous photos but not just any photos, some boudoir photos for his eyes only. Hire a photographer to take sensual photos of her. It is the perfect excuse your wife to get dolled up in your best lingerie and be treated like the sexy queen she is. Plus, it is a little treat for you as well.

wife gift lingire

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2. Body Pen for Your Lover – Have Chocolaty fun every night / Disco Diva Feather Bra

Unlimited fun with this ‘pen’ that you can use to draw on body parts and then lick off the ink – because it’s actually all chocolate! Write delicious messages and then slowly and sensually eat your words! Great romantic gift for couples!

» Includes one pen with edible ink
» Flavor: Chocolate
» Pack Size: 24 x 10 cm
» Weight: 40 gms

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Fluff up your cleavage with this feather bra. Make a dramatic entrance by wearing it over your top or simply on its own – if you dare! Makes those intimate moments or crazy fun parties extra special. One size fits all. Well mostly.

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3. Sexy Gift Sheet : Highly Personalised for Her

Initials are one thing, pet names monogrammed on your wife or girlfriend’s pillow is something else. Get sheets personalized with a favorite pet name or inside joke. Our friends at LetsDecorateOnline allow you to personalize the name and color on pillow cases. Both of you and your partner will wake up every morning sharing a mischievous smile.

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4. The Gift for Art Loving Wife – SEXY Artworks for Her

Who says you need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a piece of art by someone you hardly know? Be your own artist with this Love is Art kit that allows the two of you to create a unique piece of art while being intimate with each other. No artistic ability needed, grab your wife or girlfriend and get going. Erotic paintings in your bedroom and be quite fun, and this would be something your wife wouldn’t expect to be gifted. Show her your crazy side.

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5. Play Sexy Games with your Wife – Sex-Position Dice, Dare Cards, and other Naughty Games

This is not your typical board game. In fact, there is no board at all. This box is filled with dozens of role play scenarios for several hours of naughty fun. Nothing boring here with this sexy gift for your wife.

The Sex Dice is a one of a kind couples sex game that lets you escape the sexual choice conflicts between you and your partner. Let the Naughty Dice decide what your partner will do to take you to the seventh heaven. Is it a kiss, a touch, a blow or a 69? The naughty position dice will foretell your move and you will definitely love that. Try a new adventure every time or repeat a specific move to practice it better just by rolling the Sex Position Dice. We also got 12 Side Glow In The Dark Sex Dice, Lovers Dice Set of 4 Dices and many more Adult Dices on sale. PrivyPleasures is Indian adult store offering various kinds of kinky foreplay games for online shopping. Welcome to the sex dice home and chase away the boredom from your private sexual life.

play dice naughty

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6. Sexy Sleepover With Your Wife: Double Sleeping Bag

Let your sexy wife or girlfriend know that you will always be by their side with a double sleeping bag. Maybe this gift will spark next weekend’s adventure in the woods! If you are not a nature lover, use it for a bit of stargazing in the back yard, just outside the comfort of your bed.

Double sleeping bag wife gift

7. Sexy Words For Your Wife Gift: What I Love About You Book

A sweet and personal token of your love. This little book from Knock Knock says exactly what you love about wife or girlfriend. Just complete the fill-in-the-blanks and it’s the perfect keepsake filled with cute and racy things you love about her. For an even spicier gift, give her the Why You’re So Hot fill-in-the-blank book.

What I Love About You book sexy wife gift

8. Advice On The Sexy Gift For Your Wife: Phone Her Friend

Although you two are together forever, there are some things not mentioned before. Call up your wife or girlfriend’s best friend to see find something they want. Both of you might be in for a little surprise.

Sexy wife advice for gift

9. Let The Love Burn Bright: Massage Candle

Candles say romance. This Jimmyjane candle says romance and oh so much more. Once lit, these candles melt into silky-smooth massage oil. With sexy, decadent scents such as dark vanilla or bourbon, the perfect mood will be set for you and your wife.
Jimmyjane sexy massage candle wife gift

10. Reading is Sexy and Fundamental: Great in Bed

Add some excitement to her at-home library by picking up a copy of Great in Bed. Entertaining, colorful and informative – this book will show the two of you how to have, not just good sex, but great sex. That’s a sexy gift that keeps on giving.

Great in Bed sexy wife gift

11. Tie Her Up: Leather Cuffs

These sophisticated leather cuffs are made for both public and private viewing. Wear them stacked on one arm as a statement bracelet during a date. Later at night, slip the cuffs onto both wrists for some fun.

Leather sexy handcuff bracelet wife gift

12. For His Eyes Only: Private Photo Album

What better place to put your boudoir photos than in a photo book? It is discreet enough to hide anywhere but is full of sexy shots of yourself. Add captions to the photos to add an even more personalized touch for that sexy wife of yours.

Boudoir sexy photo album wife gift

Give your person the gift of better sex this season with a perfectly naughty gift that’s for their eyes only. We’ve rounded up sex toys and other ~little sexy things~ that’ll spice up your holidays. From beginner bondage sets and partner-controlled toys, to naughty cards and flavored lube, there’s something here for every couple.