Corporate Gifting Made Easy

Gift – a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.

This summarizes the entire meaning and feel of gifting. Whatever the age we all love receiving gifts. There is no person in the entire world who doesn’t love being given a gift. Gifts are a reason for joy, happiness, love; where feelings are being expressed through the medium of gifts. But why is gifting only considered during family functions or birthdays? Why don’t we include gifting in the corporate world?

We work in multinational companies, corporate offices, etc. Office colleagues have become like family. So why not treat them like one by including them in your ‘whom to gift´ list. But now since they are your corporate friends, you may be wondering what should I gift them? Worry not! We have just the solution for you…

Personalized Pen

When working, a pen is always handy to put down notes, write pointers during presentations or even take down a contact number. Using simple pen works; but using a personalized pen, increases the value right? When the person is seen using a personalized pen, everyone in the office will marvel at its looks and inquire about the pen right? Your colleague will surely feel nice!

Personalized Mugs

Who doesn’t love that one cup of tea/coffee or even green tea for that matter during work? You need a cup to drink in right? Then why go in for the standard ones at everyone use at work? Get that cup personalized with a little wordings or things your friend says during work to add that extra personal touch. Your colleague will surely be impressed.


When working, everyone has a personal drawer filled with things that are important and cannot be tampered with. We use keys to lock them but how about gifting a personalized keychain for those important keys? Keychains are small, unique and fun to gift as you can personalize them with cartoon characters, office symbols or even with some funny words or that person’s name for that matter. Trust me this works!

Although corporate gifting is not considered part of gifting, it’s time you break the cliché and start making corporate gifting a part of your gifting agenda.

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