Christmas Gift Ideas

“Jingle bells, Jingle bells; jingle all the way…

Santa Claus is coming to town,

With loads of gifts and glee…”

It’s Christmas time of the year. I can hear jingles all around me. Friends, families, colleagues, bosses and their wives, all of them, I can see in a different spirit; including me J Christmas carols and chocolates,

Shot glasses - Personalized
Shot glasses – Personalized

I find them everywhere, shopping malls, the neighborhood bakery shop, in the cabs, on the streets; it just seems wonderful; in fact magical! Mummies, daddies, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, boyfriends and girlfriends; all are gearing up, buying Christmas presents for their special ones. Children are waiting eagerly for Santa to come and fill up their stockings with a surprising gift. Hmmm! So what’s this fuss of Santa all about? Someone once told me that on Christmas Eve, Santa rides on his one horse sleigh around the world, leaving a heap of gifts for one and all quietly and wishing Merry Christmas! I have never seen a Santa though, but I would love to! I love gifts! J

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There was a Christmas party I attended last year. Suddenly when it struck midnight, the lights went off and a huge figure appeared from in the doorway. And he started laughing; “ho ho ho, ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!” My friends were all stunned by this; including me. But it was an awesome surprise. It was Santa Claus; and as he made an entry, he hugged us all one by one and while wishing ‘Merry Christmas’, he opened his huge sack and gave small gifts to everyone. Indeed he spread loads of smiles in that room filled with people swamped in the Christmas spirit. What a Christmas Eve it was!

Personalized Wine Glasses
Personalized Wine Glasses

So what it this all about? Why is this Santa doing this year after year, every year? Why we wait for jolly molly Santa to come every Christmas Eve and give us Christmas gifts? Christmas Eve, as we all know, is the birth day of Jesus Christ. The birth of Christ had marked a new beginning in that era, brought in a new hope for people. So when he was born in a horse stable, there were animals and there were travelers who gifted something or the other of unique meaning and love to Jesus. And that’s how, was the beginning of ‘Merry Christmas’. We celebrate new beginnings and new hopes with smiles and gifts; we celebrate them by expressing our love towards our loved ones; we celebrate them by being with our friends and families, with the people who matter the most. And yes! Christmas gifts are a special thing. I feel they are kind of rewards; rewards of our relationships. Whether or not you have been fighting with your special ones entire year, you cannot possibly deny your feelings for them on this special day. You certainly want to be their Santa Claus and present Christmas Gifts.

Champange Glasses Personalized
Champange Glasses Personalized

For me, Santa is very special! Although I have never met him in real; he never fails to send a reward to me every year. He comes to me in many forms and beings – my sister, brother, my special one and all my friends – they all are my Santa. Last year, my sister had a very unique Christmas gift for me; she got a caricature of me printed on a T-shirt; that was like wow. My special one surprised me with a picture of me and him, captured in a beautiful crystal. That was simply amazing. I gifted my dad an iceberg shaped crystal memento. He got all mushy. My cousin got me shot glasses with Christmas message on them. They were so cool.  The milieu went all mushy with exchange of gifts and love. It was magical.

And of course, this year too, I have plans of surprising all my loved ones on Christmas Eve. There is an unusual thrill is expressing your love through gifts. It is like offering to God; the smiles on the faces of our special ones are nothing less than God. So for me, I am going to be their Santa Claus, wishing them Merry Christmas with some of the exclusive gifts. I am going to see God in their smiles. What about you? Are you going to be Santa for someone special this year? Are going to make their Christmas merry?

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