Check out: Perfect gift ideas to please your Girlfriend!

Often men crib about not knowing what women want. However, if you’ve been together for some time and you really fell in love, you’d know what your girlfriend desires from within.

In case you want to explore more on gift ideas for girlfriend for occasions like birthday or Christmas, here’s a very reliable and foolproof list of gifts:

  1. The Benchmark Bouquet

bouque for girlfriendFlowers are great unless your girl is a major environment activist and would rather see the flowers in their natural habitat, still blooming on real plants. Bouquets are still classic though.

However, never forget that you can’t and mustn’t send a bouquet alone. Always send a beautiful card and chocolates or some champagne or wine alongside to set the mood. Bouquets alone tease so if you have planned a gifting spree for your girl, you can start with the classic but always follow it up with something more special.

Flowers kind of scream admiration and romance so they are perfect fit if you have a classy dinner planned for the night.

Pro-tip: Figure which flowers are your girl’s favorite before getting a bouquet.

  1. Perfume

perfume for girlfriendPerfume is another classic and such a sensual gift that it will make your evening and give you memories of a lifetime. But be sure to do your research regarding what allergies your girl has and buy a decent, classy, expensive perfume for her if you truly want to impress.

When in doubt, go for the big brands like Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent, etc. anyways perfumes are ideal for valentine’s day as well as birthday gifts.

  1. Jewelry

jewellery for girlfriendIf you haven’t had the time to figure out what your girl likes the most and are in a hurry to buy something amazing, buy some classy jewelry. Avoid statement necklaces like plague and invest in some timeless dangle earrings and minimal necklaces or watches. You can also try something colorful, go for sophisticated gems like ruby, emerald or sapphire but don’t forget to confirm the size beforehand.

Jewelry is more of a birthday gift unless you buy in a pair for both of you. If it’s her birthday, focus completely on the visual aspect and avoid anything that’s too big or too ostentatious.

  1. A Thoughtful Book

Books are great unless your girl’s more of a movie buff or non-reader. If you’ve been together for quite some time, you’d know the kind of stuff she reads and listens to (audiobooks) so pick a nice, thoughtful book or give her something very intimate to you as it will help you build stronger communication with her.

Books are pretty cheap unless you buy a first edition and if you make a personalized book collection for your girl then it would make quite a huge impact.

  1. Personalized Gifts

personalized gifts for girlfriendIf she doesn’t read and is not much into accessorizing either, how about personalized gifts like a cute mug with your inscribed initials or simple jewelry with inscribed quotes for you.

Or better, how about some ‘He loves She’ and ‘she loves he’ pillows? Try personalizing simple things to suit your girlfriend’s taste like a personalized flavour of ice cream or customized decor of the bedroom, etc to woo her.

If she enjoys humor, how about an alarm clock with a caricature of her?

A coffee mug with a cute personalized doodle for your girl is also a fantastic idea. You could even gift her a specialized, portable mirror for makeup and make her life much easier.

Final Words

Gifts don’t have to be about money but there are certain very expensive classics that never fail like costly perfumes or jewelry. But if you want to evoke fun in your relationship then personalized gifts like caricatures are just perfect for your girlfriend.