Celebrate the Spirit of Father’s Day

Once I was sitting in my room puzzled with the dilemma of choosing between the path of my dreams and the road towards a more certain future. As it happened, my father sensing my distress walked up to me while I was muddled with thoughts galore. He quietly sat down beside me and said, “Son! Whatever is going to happen will happen once. So I will suggest you to choose your dreams.” Saying this he gently patted on my back and left the room filling me with a sense of purpose and determination. Since that day those gem of words have worked as a power capsule for me guiding me consistently in all my endeavors to achieve my dreams.

Silent as the Air in which we breathe,

Persistent and firm as the ground beneath,

An open book of lessons from the life,

We heeded your words in every strife,

You wiggle our cradle, you taught us to paddle,

Whatever be the problem, you showed us to saddle,

Your teachings made us the man we are,

O father! We thank thee for this precious dream jar…

Yes, it is our dad who taught us to dream. He, by his natural severity, teaches us to follow the rules and regulations, and shows us their significance in living a successful life.  If there ever was any relation that was most overlooked, it would definitely be the relation of a father and his child. We do not just owe him half the genes and a surname. In fact, if mother is our first teacher, he is without doubt, our first and probably the ever present principal. For, it is he to whom we look up to in anguish. Father is like that light house which stand silent on the shores of the dark vast sea guiding us with their light.  Needless to say that we all respect and adore what ‘He’ does for us but surprisingly we hold ourselves back in showing our love & reverence for him.

Sonora Smart Dodd was aware of this fact when she came up with concept of celebrating Father’s Day. Sonora wanted to honor her father, the civil war veteran William Jackson Smart, for his courage to raise six children as a single parent. The day was first observed in Spokane, Washington at the YMCA in 1910 on 19th of June. Since then, it is celebrated throughout the world (with few exceptions) on the third Sunday of June, and gives us that rare opportunity to do something for our father.

If you are pondering over the means to express your feelings to your father, let me tell you that there are endless ways to do so. You can start off by sharing the weight off his shoulders. This act alone can make him feel proud. Add to this, a simple token of love like a bouquet or a box of chocolates and your father will be left amazed. You can also put all your feelings in form of words in a poem and compliment it with a canvas of your assorted photos made with Dezains Photo memories canvas print.  Better yet you can engrave your fondest memory of him, or that one sentence which became your life motto on Dezains Glass Engraving products. This will make a lovely mantelpiece on his study table, reminding of your love for him constantly –  a perfect father’s day gift for your dad. On the dais of Dezains, you will find such matchless options to pick from for your dad to gift him on this special occasion. Right from a personalized pen to T-shirt saying ‘World’s Best Dad’; a beer mug with his name inscribed on it or a lovely desk piece with a clock –all of them just perfect gifts to make your father’s day celebrate a marvelous event.

We know how important father is for us. The foundation stone of our very existence. So, this Father’s Day, if you have something exquisite on your mind to make your dad’s father’s day special, tell us and we will get it for you. Don’t just lay back and think. It’s the time to make him feel like the Super Dad he’s always been. Make this Father’s Day an unforgettable moment with Dezains exclusive gifts for dad.

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