Caricature gifts: For every Relation and every Occasion

Caricature gifts for every relation and every occasion may be the best gifts possible, for their sheer novelty. These gifts are trending and finding many busy hands exchanging them. There are wonderful templates available with add-on facilities of names and photos. Even if you contemplate of creating anything out of the box, there is a huge possibility that technology available will do it. Just dream some idea, if you cannot, here are few ideas to help you decide about it.

working girl caricature - personalized caricature india

Caricature Photo Wall Clock - Personalized GiftCaricature clock: Surprise your loved one with this unique gift! The wall clocks with the caricatures of a couple or a friend are one big idea of a gift on anniversaries, birthdays or any other occasion. Just select a suitable template according to the size of clock and positioning of caricatures of your photos. These caricatures are exciting with different backdrops such as jungles, beaches, with a dog, on horseback, or in ethnic clothes.

Wall photos: Do you want to surprise someone with a pleasant gift? Try a different idea and transform his or her photo into a caricature to gift on the birthdays. This is a trend, thus no one would mind even if the caricature looks comical. Frame the photo and gift it to draw appreciations.

health caricature women personalized

Lamp Shades: The lampshades made from acrylic materials look good with creation of different caricature faces such as joker like face of your friend or relative you want to gift on birthday or anniversaries. With LED light, it can glow the atmosphere and the person’s face for whom you created that gift.

Liquor glasses: Are you looking for a wedding or anniversary gift? Thanks to technology, caricatures printed wine and whiskey glasses form an impressive gift. Besides the faces caricature, you can have date or occasion etched on them. This gift will always be memorable along with you, when they would use the glasses.

Cushion Covers: How would you like the caricature cushions? The cushion cover with your boyfriend or girlfriend’s caricatured face would enhance your love. Do not wait for any occasion just gift it and watch the reaction. This is one unique gift that you can gift it to your friends, parents, or other relatives. Apply prolific ideas to create different objects on the cushions.

Kitchen utensils– This is one gift idea that a homemaker or a budding chef would love to have it. You can create a caricature of her or his face on an apron, a poster depicting a face and a slogan like ‘welcome to my kitchen’ etc. You can borrow some unique logos, photos, or slogans for printing on the mugs, jugs, or plates. Caricature gifts for every relation and every occasion are ideal and fun-filled. You can gift them on birthdays to your friends, sisters, or mother as well.

caricature MugsMugs- Coffee mugs with a face and slogan caricatured on them, would be an idea that all would love. Take any slogan that you would love such as, ‘Happy birthday John’ or ‘Drink it or leave it’. Print them and have a rollicking fun in their company. If the gift is for official purpose, then slogans can change to ‘Keep calm the boss is around’ etc. This is just an idea, there are so many more ideas one can think and implement.

Caricature Greeting Cards– Think big, think on the lines of creating your own greeting cards with relevant caricature. Say, if it is about weddings or anniversaries, then use couple’s photos. If this is a birthday greeting card, then choose a related concept. Choose your own funny and meaningful lines, surely that would please the recipient.

There are many more Caricature gifts for every relation and every occasion, you just need to be creative.