Buying Rakhi Gifts Online in 2018, India

Online stores selling Rakhi gifts

Rakhi gifts are definitely one of the most meaningful gifts we can hear of in the Hindu culture. They come from this occasion or event called Raksha Bandhan in which the special bond between brothers and sisters is celebrated.

Therefore, a rakhi gift must be something not so extravagant or complicated but meaningful. In fact, it is even better if it’s something very personal or representative of the relationship between brothers or sisters.

But, where to look for these gifts? Well, if you feel you have ran out of options from the local stores you have been in, look no further and check this online stores that sell Rakhi gifts. Web sites like, offers many options you can pick one from

Fraternal frames

What’s better than keeping good memories with pictures? These are one of the most valuable things families have and how wouldn’t they be?

You can surprise your brother or your sister with a pretty picture of you two, or a nice collage if you can’t decide on only 1 picture, also, you can add a cute message or phrase to complement the whole gift.

Rakhi Gifts for sister - coffee mugs

Personalized mugs or coffee cups

This has always been one of the most personalized and coolest gifts ever!

Since you can print any picture you want on them, a nice picture of you and your brother or sister could be a great option

Printed T-shirts

Just as mugs or coffee cups, fabrics can also carry printed images on them! So you can choose anything that reminds you of your beautiful fraternal bond and print it on a t-shirt.


Since this commemoration is a truly meaningful event that brothers and sisters can celebrate from being relatives, sometimes people get a little bit emotional and decide to pick up a pencil and write.

You can always go on with the traditional way and write a letter to express your feelings or thoughts to let your brother or sister know, how important they are for you.