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I have heard someone say – “The more you praise and celebrate life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” With a slightly different take on this, I believe – “The more you appreciate the people in your life, the more joy there is in celebrating it.”

And what better way to appreciate people in your life than celebrating their existence on one of the most momentous day in a year – Their Birthday.

With celebration comes wine, gift, memories and all the good things in life. Although we all will admit to have time and again succumbed to horror we would have faced in quest of finding ‘The Gift’ for our loved one. Be it choosing a birthday gift online for our endearing dad, a smug but cool brother, a caring mother, a loving boyfriend or girlfriend, or even for a relationship that is tagged ‘complicated’ currently in our brains. Be it the hall-mark 21st birthday or the 60th one, we all go through living hell, just to ensure, we find a birthday gift that will let them know that they are cherished in a special way. This is the time we wish upon a star for getting someone to help around – either in form of a friend or sister.  In today’s world, it could even be in a form of a cool websites which can help us choose from a wide variety of birthday gifts and ideas. Some of these are so classic and unique that even the digitally challenged folks thank the arrival of the E-age of the Gifts today.

Some of the coolest websites available to the ever-challenged us are,,,, and few others. You will find host of options ranging from personalized gifts to heartfelt gifts. Right from an engraved or a photo crystal or caricature mugs available at which is perfect to capture your most loving moment and freeze into eternity, to even flowers with cake offered by and Budsandflorets to express your sentiments. Let me share some of the cool birthday gifts I have bumped into online. These, by-the-way, also happen to be my favorite picks for gifting someone on their birthday.

A dreamy Crystal Ball offered by becomes a fascinating and ideal gift for a girlfriend or a boyfriend on their birthday. This is a perfect piece to capture the first moment you met when her batting eyelash or his lips bearing a crooked smile melted your heart in a way no words can describe. ice-berg-blogAn Iceberg crystal engraved with heartfelt words is a wonderful birthday gift to give your dad or your mother to tell them that even in this fast-paced heady world you remember them and value their love and blessings in your life. A Caricature Photo Frame is a fun way to gift your brother or sister on their birthday to capture your secret harmless bickering at eachother. Imagine gifting your diva sister a caricature photo of her looking like “Miss World” or gifting your scrawny brother a picture of him looking like a Hulk.
Let me tell you the fun will not stop at just giving birthday gift. You will burst into laughter every time both of you look at that picture

Nothing expresses emotions like flowers. It reminds people that relations need nurturing to bloom and spread its sweet fragrance that will bring joy to others heart. (Ferns and Petals) offers a range of luxurious and elegant bouquets that can be a perfect gift for anyone. Apart from flowers there are other items available on that can become a cute birthday gift. A Wooden Jewelry Tree is just the thing to gift your girlfriend on their birthday, along with that there are assortment of jewelry pieces and clutches available to create a great birthday gift hamper. A Chocolaty Cage Gift is perfect way to tell your sister that everyone is allowed to indulge and get little spoilt on their birthday.

There are great innovative and wonderful gifts lined up on these websites that eases up your agony a great deal in choosing an ideal gift for your loved one – whether near or apart. Even for this kind of customized gifting services, these options are quite effectively lighter on the pocket. Vis-à-vis other online gift sites, Dezains begets a wide pool of warm and innovative gifting ideas to celebrate the perfect occasions of life. All-in-all, it will surely drive home run for the match you are looking to find ‘A Perfect Birthday Gift’. 


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