Who is the best wedding photographer India has?

Have you ever wondered who is the best wedding photographer India has? There are hundreds of wedding photography websites, but there is not a single website which really ranks the wedding photographers that are out there. Why is it so? Can there be a rottentomatoes equivalent for wedding photographers?

best wedding photorapher india

Best wedding photographer India

Gifting a candid photographer as a wedding present is a new trend these days. But the biggest issue is finding the right photographer. Till the time that some good ranking site comes in the picture, it will remain a hit and trial approach.

One of the problems with creating a ranking site is – who do you really go ahead and rate wedding photographers? At the end of the day, it’s not like a movie where a million people watch it and hence an overall opinion whether or not a movie was good or bad can be gathered. How much can one rely upon personal reviews of few clients? How much should latest reviews matter over the old ones? Also, it is often observed that when it comes to candid wedding photography, the clients usually write only good things about their wedding photographer. So it is not very clear if such reviews can really be used objectively to ever establish who is the best wedding photographer India really has! Hopefully, there would be some solution in the future!

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