…and Papa said, “Happy Father’s Day!”

As a kid, I used to buy a gift for my father with my petit savings every year on Father’s Day. Though the gift was with his money, he used to pat me on back for the good habit of saving and utilizing it for a useful gift. Most of the times the gift would be an exclusive pen on the slightly expensive side or an amazing showpiece, an artistic paperweight or a diary with handmade paper as he loved writing. He used to keep the special greeting card that came along with every gift on the dining table for all to see and kept the gift at his office desk. It wasn’t to make him feel proud in front of his colleagues and boast around but as a memorabilia from his beloved daughter. Babaji, my grandfather, would get excited and surprised too. He is a real darling who looks exactly like a stuffed toy with his small build and protruding belly where he claims to keep all his secrets! Every time I did something good, he would always bless me and kiss me on my forehead saying that I was the apple of his eye and everybody else’s as well. Our connection was stronger than the ones which I share with my friend. He used to catch my feelings even before I knew them! And somehow we all used to look forward to special days as Papa would always take us out for dinner or the movies.

I’m going back in time because these reminiscent memories kept stirring a thought in my head. It’s so astonishing when I think about all these memories that I start feeling like a kid all over again! And like a kids imagination knows no boundaries and does something so innocently that it stirs the entire household, I’d done something of that sort. One fine day while I was pondering over how can I surprise papa, an impeccable idea struck me. I reflected, ‘like I surprise my father with gifts, how Babaji would feel if my Papa were to surprise him on this Father’s Day!’ Wouldn’t he be bowled over? I transcended into the future imagining how his reaction would be and how it would make Mamma and Daadi very happy! Yes, this had to be done. But what should we gift him was the million dollar question. I’d almost exhausted all my creative ideas by gifting my father something or the other. Babaji’s gift had to be different. It definitely had to be special. It had to be something that was customized only for him!

Hence began the ultimate quest of finding something unique for Babaji. I had to crack the idea. Even after speaking with almost all my relatives, I could derive nothing. Nobody could tell me one thing which he loved and could be gifted to my father’s father. So I went to seek his lover’s help; my Daadi! She told me that Babaji had always loved watches and wall clocks. He still had a wall clock from the times of the British! There it was… And I began hunting for the perfect wall clock. With internet came so many options for online gift stores but what caught my eye was www.dezains.com for its customized gifts and the variety which they offered was mindboggling! My cousin brother is a computer geek and spends most of his time surfing the internet. He told me that he’d purchased a customized t-shirt for his sister on her birthday and she loved it so much that she wears it every week. This strengthened my decision and I told my father about Dezains. He got so excited hearing the idea that we immediately sat together deciding what gift to buy and concluded on buying a beautiful customized wall clock with our family picture on it.

Father’s Day had arrived and like every other year, I gave Papa his gift and Babaji stood there watching his son and granddaughter with awe and affection. Little did he know that a surprise was waiting for him. Papa went into his room and after a minute he came out and asked us to get ready for dinner at Leela. As Babaji entered his room to get ready, he came across a nicely packed gift which had a message written on it.
‘You have been a luminary
My guiding light through life
Your support and resolute belief
Kept my dreams alive!
Happy Father’s Day’

Standing at door of his room, I saw Babaji shed a tear for the first time. The man who had always been headstrong now was overwhelmed with happiness. Before I went back to my room, I saw him placing the clock on the wall in his room, next to his father’s photo!

You too can have a happy family moment and surprise you father with a variety of gifts from www.dezains.com! Let this Father’s Day be a one full of customized surprises and fun.