5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Booze Loving Boyfriend

True, drinking is not a good habit. But then, being ‘not good’ is also cool sometimes. It is true you should always keep your boyfriend healthy- that’s your duty as his lady. But then, just think- it’s Valentine’s Day! A romantic day with romance in mind when you could loosen your bun a bit and he could just take a step out of the boundary. So, this Valentine’s Day, give him the permission of drinking his heart out with your own hands- Buy him a gift which is suitable for a booze loving boyfriend only. Top 5 suggestions for you for this February 14th!

Beer Mug: If your guy is rather the beer lover with a sweet little tummy, go for this beautiful beer mug with his (and your) name written on it. The graphical representation of a couple is also imprinted on its body. That’s romantic, right?

Whisky Glass: These whisky glasses are classic! It has two hands united by the same bond below which both of your names will be written. The glass reads you are my shot of whisky! That is sexy, huh!

Shot Glasses: Is he a fan of burning vodka shots? Aha! Then it is his day! Bring him this amazing vodka shot glasses as a Valentine’s Day gift with his name imprinted on it and have fun together!

Champagne Glasses: This bunch is classy- pure class with awesome finishing! That’s what the champagne glasses are here! Those will also have your boyfriend’s name on their body! Classy personalization!

Wine Glasses: You can have wide range of varieties regarding wine glasses, shape and decoration wise. Of course, they can be personalized with your husband’s name and your wish. That is also an interesting gift, right?

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