5 Tips for picking the best Rakhi Gifts for Sister who has everything

Sisters are often pampered the most as parents believe that one day, they will leave their paternal home for their own nest. So, if your sister has everything, it may be particularly hard for you to figure out what to gift her this Raksha Bandhan and truly surprise her.

To help you out, here is our list of 5 tips for picking the best Rakhi gifts for sister who had everything:

  1. Book her the trip of her life

girl on a tripWho hasn’t been bitten by the bug of wanderlust? So, if your sister enjoys traveling and exploring new places, how about booking her a cozy, relaxing and rejuvenating trip to a remote part of India or world?

If you can’t afford the entire trip, how about splitting the expenses like you pay for the tickets (both ways) and let her design her own trip.

For example, if she has had Milan on her wishlist, you can book her tickets, back and forth and let her figure out the accommodation and how she’d like to explore the city on the vacation.

Of course, keep the climate in mind and make sure that you check with your sister first and pick the destination she has had in mind for some time.

  1. A bag full of delight

girl make up bag giftEven a sister who has everything will never say no to a bag full of the most beautiful, coveted makeup essentials. And, don’t just focus on things that make people pretty. Focus on filling up the bag with herbs and other natural ingredients based products that help the skin retain its natural sheen and elasticity.

There’s also a monthly bag service available for women who’d like to receive a bundle of the best makeup products monthly. But if your sister is into makeup, she probably already has it. However, you should add the personalized factor to this gift by picking your own range of awesome makeup products for your sister in a classy, irresistible bag.

  1. Personalized Jewelry

Women love jewelry so if your sister has everything, the only difference you can make this Raksha Bandhan is by giving her something that has a personal touch and is symbolic of your love and respect for her. Jewelry is still among the best Rakhi gifts for Sister since it’s generally expensive and something worth holding onto throughout your life.

So, have something beautiful inscribed in a nice, minimal ring or get a personalized pendant for her. If you are short on budget, you can ditch the costly platinum, gold, and silver and buy stainless steel.

Gemstone colors also have different meanings so you can pick the one that most resembles her personality.

  1. Personalized T-shirts, Pillows, and Mugs

Worlds best Sister t-shirt for Rakhi GiftsIf you are short on time and haven’t been able to figure out your sister’s choice yet, a personalized pillow or T-shirt that says World’s best sister is plenty good.

And, if you are bored with the slogan T-shirts, you can design an impromptu doodle for your sister that symbolizes her importance in your life and have it printed on a coffee mug.

You can even print a canvas poster or a small poster with a collage of your best pictures together with a beautiful poem in the middle.

  1. Hair Treatment

Hair spas and rejuvenating protein and keratin treatments at big salons are costly, so you can book your sister a session and give her some relief from the hair fall that this horrid climate and even worse, hair products are causing.

Also, make sure that you inquire the type of products they use so your sister doesn’t end up getting more chemicals into her hair. Focus on the all-natural solutions.

Final Words

For a sister who had everything, the cost of the gift is rarely a factor. Make sure that you fill your Rakhi gifts to sister with love and meaning and pick something that evokes the true spirit of Raksha Bandhan. And, if you are the humorous type, how about gifting your sister a membership to the self-defense classes so she can protect herself when you are not around? After all, this is the modern world and women love independence.