5 Things Your Siblings Will Never Do To You

  1. Leave You in Danger: This is something siblings cannot simply do. Be it grave danger or be it light, your siblings will definitely hold your hand and face the bad fate together. Until and unless you overcome the terror of a danger, your siblings (no matter how terrified they are) will boost you up. They will be your biggest support no matter what.
  2. Ignore Your Problem: You have a problem? Then it is your sister’s problem too. A certain someone is disturbing you? Then he is your brother’s biggest enemy. Your problems are always endeared by your sibling; you’ll never feel alone. Advising you in danger is one thing siblings are perfect at. They will never ever ignore even the tiniest problem you face.
  3. Go for a Trip Alone: Your brother will go for a trip without you? Are you kidding me? That is simply unbelievable. Your sister might be dating her crushes alone; but when it comes to a trip- her bro is the only choice as a companion. If there isn’t a brother-sister ‘selfie’, then what good is the trip?
  4. Hide Secrets from You: Yes, your sister has tried a lot to hide her secrets from you. But she has failed every time. You are the first one to know when your brother picked up smoking. You are the first one to hear the story that your sister has fallen for someone. Your sibling might proudly lie in front of any other person, but you. Brothers and sisters never have secrets from each other.
  5. Insult You: Your elder sister might definitely scold you, because she always wishes the best for you. But she never meant to insult you. Your brother might not allow you to be with certain friends because he could see through their real self (which you failed to see), but that does not mean insulting your choice. He is simply protecting you from wrong. Brothers and sisters always respect each other for what they are. Insulting is not their thing.

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