5 Things You Will Never Forget about Your Sister

  1. The first time she walked: The first time your sister could stand on her own legs and walked on the floor, you were the one to pick her up before she fell. But that was the moment of your life. You were genuinely proud to see your little dear walking and you can never forget that moment.
  2. The first time she fell in love: Every brother is always cautious about what their sisters are doing in their romantic life. They are also sure that the sisters would not hide such stuff from them. So, the first time you get to know that your sister is in love you start asking all sorts of questions like the great enquirer. But, in reality, it is a moment of unforgettable happiness.
  3. The first job she got: ‘Treat!!!’ was the first thing you screamed. But, in reality, you were more concerned about her success, her achievement and her completeness. The start of career brings completeness to everyone. You celebrated this moment with perfect bliss which cannot be forgotten.
  4. The first time she took you out: You always wanted to grow big enough so that you can join your sister on her evening expeditions. When you were bored with your school and coaching classes- the first time your elder sister suggested to take you out to some beautiful place you have never been to! How can anyone forget such a moment?
  5. The best gift you had from her: You might be having plethora of gifts in your collection. Half of them might even have come from your sister only. No matter how good or expensive they are- there must be one gift which you always consider the best of her so far. This gift can never be forgotten ever in your life.

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