5 Things You Will Never Forget about Your Brother

  1. The first time he talked: It is a really fascinating day on which your young little brother starts talking to you all. Those may sound like gibberish, but those signify that he is communicating; he is growing up. This one step makes you feel proud. You can never forget that moment.
  2. The first secret he shared: It doesn’t only mean that your brother is growing up, it also mean that you share a bond. You are also a perfect person for him to share secrets with and this makes you feel quite happy. Doesn’t it?
  3. The one special gift he gave you: Every sister will definitely have a very, very special gift from her brother which is unparallel. That gift she will remember all through her life. No matter how many expensive gifts he gives you later- that gift will be vividly there inside your head. It is irreplaceable and unforgettable.
  4. The moment you caught him crying: Boys have the responsibility to behave like boys. Though nobody knows what that is, but they have themselves set some rules of masculinity. Boys don’t cry is one of such fakest rules that boys are assumed to follow strictly. Being a human being, every boy cries at a certain moment of his life. The first time you caught your brother crying over some dispute, can never be forgotten- neither by you, nor by him.
  5. The first crime you two partnered in: Brothers and sisters are always partners in crime. Yet the first crime that you did avoiding the eyes of your parents was something to be remembered by both of you. You might have committed numerous things later, but the first time you broke the rule together strengthened your bond way too much. Hence this one can never be forgotten.

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