5 Intellectual Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriend

Ah, Intellectual! This is one word that everybody respects and yet tries to maintain a bit of distance with (for reasons unknown). Well, are you one brave woman who has taken the decision of spending your life with an intellectual person? Congratulations to you, because this Valentine’s Day is going to be awesome for you! Thanks to dezains.com, you have hundreds of gift choice for your boyfriend on this 14th February. Come one, even intellectual people fall in love like anyone else and they also expect beautiful gifts on Valentine’s Day. So, let us discuss the top 5 gifts for your intellectual boyfriend.

Pen: That is a very important thing for every intellectual person out there. This is a sophisticated gift loved by such people. On top of that if these are as elegant as a Parker pen or a Pierre Cardin pen, then your boyfriend will definitely like it.

Card Holder: This is not exactly intellectual but then if your boyfriend has too many contacts and he wants to store them in an organized manner, then the card holder sounds sophisticated, right? You can also have his name imprinted on it.

Pencil Sketch: An intellectual person has to be an art lover. So, buy this amazing sketch for him where you could see both of your faces drawn with pencil sketch. This will be an uncommon gift idea whereas he will love it too.

Beer Mug: This Valentine’s Day calls for a toast- let him say cheers with this uniquely designed beer mug crafted only for him. It will contain his name and your wish on its body. Interesting, right?

Photo Canvas: This is a very memorable thing for any boyfriend of the world. You can juxtapose a number of photos of both of you and turn them into a memorable photo canvas. That is going to be exciting for your boyfriend, and photographs are intellectual too!

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