5 Gifts for the Brother Who Has Everything

  1. A photo of his childhood: You must have a photo of his childhood. Search with your mother or father, you must procure a nice one. Just frame it with a personalized photo canvas and leave your message of love for your brother on it. It is definitely going to be a gift your brother will fall for.
  2. His childhood Bicycle: It might have been forgotten by now; you might have just put it aside under a shade in your house. It’s time to revive that small memento from your brother’s childhood. Bring to him as a gift; he’s sure to smile his cutest.
  3. His favorite films: Borrow, buy or do whatever- gather 10 of his most favorite movies. Make it a collection and give it to him to strengthen his film library. You should follow his expression closely when he comes by one film after another. It is the moment of perfect bliss.
  4. Cooking book for a foodie brother: Is your brother a well known foodie? Then cooking book will be the best gift for him. You can just buy him a cooking book with dishes he is hardly aware of. It will be a surprise for him, a pleasant one of course. He will also try his hands at new dishes and will give you a nice (hopefully) treat for the night.
  5. Take him to a music concert: If he is a music lover, then you must take him to a great music concert. If a western band is coming somewhere near your place, you can buy him the tickets to the concert. Is he a fan of eastern music? Then take him to an eastern music concert. He will definitely remember such a gift for a lifetime.

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