10 Things Your Siblings Will Definitely Do

  1. Fight with You: If you have never fought with your own siblings, then you are not doing justice to the relationship. Fighting with siblings is something every brother and sister does.
  2. Poke You Without Reason: This is one great habit that the siblings possess. Suppose, you are studying or doing something important, they will appear out of nowhere, nudge you somewhere for reasons unknown and then will vanish before you can express your disgust.
  3. Ask You to Teach: No matter how many teachers your brother has got around him, you are his favorite teacher. The formula that you explain, the equation that you balance will be best interpreted by him.
  4. Cut Your Birthday Cake: This might be your birthday, but your sibling will show the most of the interest in cutting the cake. From arranging the cake to choosing the flavor to decorate it with candles, you sister or brother will do everything for the first bite after your birthday cake is cut.
  5. Blame You for Mischief: Yes, they are your partner in crime. But when it comes to save your own back, they are incomparable. Your sister will be blown against your parents’ interrogation and with eyes full of tears she will point her fingers at you and say, ‘it was his idea’.
  6. Gift List: Make yourself unavailable before every Rakhi. Your sibling is preparing his/her list of gifts that s/he expects from you this year. This has been a trend as has been the festival itself.
  7. Protect You: It does not matter how much you fight at home, outside the house, your elder sibling will be always vigilant. S/he will be your protector from any kind of outside threat.
  8. Support You Through Thick and Thin: Come what may, your sibling will definitely be with you. If some random person comes and tells you something allegedly, your sibling will be the one to contradict him or her.
  9. Make You Smile: They can never stand a drop of tear in your eyes, your siblings. If they see you down, they will try their level best to make you smile.
  10. Have a Great Rakhi with You: Your siblings will definitely look forward to having a beautiful Rakhi with you.

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