10 Things You First Did With Your Sibling

  1. Going for an adventure: The first adventure of your life was definitely with your sibling. That might just be doing something that is breaking the rule of your house. Going to a certain room, opening a certain cupboard or something like that.
  2. Playing weird games: Making tents, sand castles, card castles and the likes might be included in the list of such games. These are ideas you can execute only with the help of your sibling.
  3. Buying your parents an anniversary cake: It might have been your personal desire for a long time. It is time to fulfill this desire now with your sibling. You can buy the first anniversary cake for your parents with your sibling’s help.
  4. Eating an otherwise banned food item: Your mother has banned a particular food item from the street side shop? You mustn’t have an ice cream when it is winter? Don’t worry- your sibling will come to your rescue, for sure.
  5. Touching the street dogs: You are passionate about dogs? Whenever you see them, you must touch them, pamper them- is it the deepest desire of your hear? Do not worry about your disapproving mom back at home. Your sibling will join you in this act of rebellion.
  6. Sharing your romantic interest: Your sibling is of course the first person you will admit to that you have fallen for somebody. This has now been more or less a rule.
  7. Showing your report card: If your result is bad, then your sister or brother is the safest place to submit yourself to along with your report card. However poor your score could be, your sister or brother knows how it feels to be rebuked for poor marks. S/he will take care.
  8. Discuss the gravest problem: No matter how complicated your problem is your sibling is the first one you discuss that with. S/he will definitely guide you out of this if that is within his or her potential.
  9. Inaugurate celebrating a festival: Any big festival that you are planning to celebrate starts with your sibling with you. It’s always a joint plan.
  10. Discover Places: All your great discoveries like a new lane, a new route, a new place will start with your sibling for sure.

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