Brand New – Rotating Photo Cube – Better than Before

We, have recently launched and started selling a whole new style of rotating photo cube. Keeping the fundamentals same, i.e. six different photos on six sides of the cube, which rotates on its tip, we have changed the exterior from basic black, to checkered colored border.

Its funkier, its modern, and is of a better quality than its preceder. You can get one for yourself here at just INR 749*


What makes Mother’s Day Special

What is that one thing which is more important than anything else in this whole wide world? What is that one thing which the law also upholds as the most important part of a child’s life? Yes, you guessed it right. It’s a mother. Mother is that divine soul which was made as the symbol of acute selflessness and humanity. You may have a thousand people who love you but their combined love is not even one percent of how much your mother loves you.

Amongst this land of selfish humans sometimes we forget to appreciate this lovely person in our life. However, to remind everyone of this ignorance once a year we have Mother’s day. Quite a small day but it means so much for that person when her children bring her breakfast in bed or make a cute little greeting card. For every day that she has unconditionally loved you, this is the day you can tell her that you appreciate all her love and respect it from the bottom of your heart.

This is where our website helps individuals to express their love towards their mothers with its infinite selection of gifts and other surprises. Nothing cheers up a person more than gifts and mothers are no exception to this phenomenon. From customized photo frames to kitchen aprons and customized coffee mugs, we have everything. After all there is no gift which can reciprocate the love a mother has towards her children but the mere fact that your gift will prove is that you appreciate each and every thing that she does. It is no where even close to reaching the level with which a mother loves her children but it’s a start right?

A very common and personalized gift is a nice photo frame with pictures of you and her when you were a child. Maybe a kitchen apron to let her know that you consider her the most amazing cook in this entire world would cheer her up? Probably a digital canvas with many pictures and memories would work? We offer many different varieties and gifts to help you tell your mom that you love her. Ironically, we also have prompters which just quote”I Love You Mom” engraved on a paper frame. Wouldn’t you want to cheer your mother up? So choose from our varied collection and have it delivered to your house with your convenience and comfort. Let’s put a smile on that person’s face who always strives to keep us happy. Let’s go and tell her that we all love her.








What to gift your mom on Mother’s Day

Make your Mom feel special this Mother’s Day
Mom is the one who keeps check of our day to day necessities and our well being too. But we often forget to thank her for the efforts she puts in order to make our lives comforting. This Mothers Day gift her something that will show her how much she means to you and make her feel special.
If you’re not able to figure out what could be the best gift for your lovely mom, you need not worry because we at have a huge list of gift items for every occasion. Few suggestions are listed below to help you choose the best.

A stylish kitchen apron that has your moms name printed on it would add to her class and make cooking more creative and enjoyable.

MOM-Personalized Magnet (Rs299)
Gift a fridge magnet that can be customized with images you wish to add to it. Every time she opens the door of the fridge, she will think of you and that’s enough to put a huge smile on her face.

To The World’s Best Mom-Personalized Frame (Rs 1,499)
A photo frame that comes along with 3 frames and different layouts to choose from can be decorated anywhere around the house and mom being the organizer of the house is definitely going to figure out which would be the best place to decorate this personalized wall hanging.

Super Mom-My Friend-Coasters (RS 899)
Wooden coasters that can be kept anywhere around the kitchen, are a set of six coasters with your personalized designs printed on it. They have a square wooden holding case too.

To The Best Mom-Personalized Magnets (2 pc for RS 399)
A fridge magnet of 5×5 inches in size. 4 small magnets stuck on a 5 mm thick acrylic. The artwork is printed on a water resistant vinyl and pasted skillfully on the hard acrlic sheet. Every time she opens the door of the fridge, she will think of you and that’s enough to put a huge smile on her face.

At Dezains you will never run out of choices to gift from. A wide range of products are uploaded daily on the basis of their availability and also keeping in mind the occasion. Gift items ranging from Rs 999 and above can be found here. You can order online and we’ll make sure that you receive the product on time and without any damage.

Significance of Mother’s Day

Let’s face it. At some point or the other in our lives we have been mean, difficult, annoying, naughty, angry, upset and maybe even a combination of all, and at the receiving end of our frustration has stood our mother. Yes, mothers. The women in our lives with whom we share our earliest memories. The woman with whom you have had a roller coaster of a relationship filled with sweet love and sour hate. She is woman you almost regularly took for granted but never left your side. The woman so deeply embedded in the details of the fabric that make your life, that she will always get to claim ownership of you even if you turn 40 or have children of your own or become independent. She owns you and you know it.
We may not always deserve a gift but we know that our mother’s always will, for putting up with us at our worst, for staying up all night when we were sick, for hugging us till we stopped crying on our worst day and for all those times we didn’t even realize how blessed we were to have her in our lives.
Mothers, just like gifts come in all sorts of packages. Some are sweet, some are strict, some are kind, some are overbearing but thankfully for you, no matter what kind of a woman she is, we have the perfect something to celebrate all those moments of joy and tears you have shared with her. From an apron for the wonder cook, to a classy pen for a working gal, you are sure to find a little something here to brighten up her day. If you need a little inspiration to find the perfect gift, here are my top picks for a budget gift:

A picture that will take you back to the golden years of childhood and a personal message with it to let her know how much she means to you; what else does one need to melt their mother’s hearts and let the joyful tears flow.

Give her something to cuddle with for all those times you are going to cancel because of work or friends, for all those times you won’t be able to call her and be there for her and for all those times you are going to be a selfish prick and not prioritize her.

A frame with a fancy quote is definitely something to convey all those emotions that are so difficult to put into words. “A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” Words of a wise man, wouldn’t you say?

If there is one thing we know, it is that all mothers love to brag about their sons and daughters. A personalized coaster is the perfect gift that they can easily brag about to their friends. Thoughtful and decorative, you can’t go wrong with it.

To the woman who kept you fed for most of your life, what better gift could there be than an apron. Show her how much you appreciate her waking up early and cooking you breakfast before school with a personalized kitchen apron.

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Indian Parents

Parents, you know, those people who raised you and gave you everything until you managed to flap your wings and live your own life. They are very important in our lives and it’s important for us to show them that we will always care about them. In this article, we are going to be talking about the importance of choosing a good anniversary gift from your parents and we will give you some great suggestions.

Ok, the first thing that is obviously important is that your parents still being together after so many years is definitely a huge accomplishment. We are not saying that being married and raising a family is an impossible task, but it does require some patience, understanding and tolerance to say the least.

This means that you need to celebrate that moment and see it as a great example, so the gift that you give to your parents should be able to symbolize that in some way and we have some great suggestions for this.

The cupid Angel Champagne Glass

This is an ideal purchase for your parents. Get two and throw in a nice bottle of wine or champagne depending on your budget so that they can have a great toast. They will love this gift and the best thing is that they can continue to use those champagne glasses every year for their anniversary toasts.

Super Couple Shot Glasses

You could also give them a nice relationship themed pair of shot glasses if you know that they enjoy drinking from time to time or at least for very special occasions.

Whisky Glasses

Some parents are both into casual drinking and the Cane with Whisky glass is an ideal gift to give to your parents to celebrate their anniversary. You can always joke about them having to drink some whisky just to numb the pain of putting up with each other for such a long time.

Personalized canvas

This is a great gift too and the good thing is that your parents can hang this on their wall and this will always remind them of how much you love them. You can personalize the canvases available with your parents’ names and with a nice message at the bottom.

Get a nice customized poster

This is a great gift because it feels very personal and it makes your parents feel very happy due to how personal it feels. You can create a unique message that congratulates your parents for their anniversary and reminds them of important moments that they have experienced together.


There are many people who feel like they have no idea what to give to their parents for their anniversary, but the truth is that the best gifts are the ones that offer some customization. Most parents are going to love the gift options that we have mentioned in this article because they will feel much more personal and that is worth more than any random generic gift you could give to them.