5 most common mistakes that you do, when you shop for Personalized Gifts

We have served many customers till date, and have processed a large number of personalized gift products. While some of the customers were smart, majority fell short of ideas, and ended up making what we call as 'the common mistakes'. Personalization is not just about putting up a photo, or a message on a product. Its lot more! And it requires one's time! So, based on our analysis, recipient's reaction, and surveys, we have come up with the list of 10 common mistakes that people do, and how you should avoid that.

1. If it's a personalized product, it should have a photo on it! 

Personalization doesn't mean that the product should have a photo on it! Give it a break sometimes. Something as simple as someone's initials or a date which has a significance is sufficient. So please don't have this tendency to put photos all the time. They do not always look good and most of the time the product becomes useless and lie somewhere deep in the closet! 

2. Poorly constructed long messages

While putting up a personalized message on a product, one should give enough time to think about the sentence. Making the message unnecessarily complicated isn't advisable. Frame short sentences, and to the point. You are not talking to someone, you are getting something printed or engraved on  a product. Its a permanent thing, so be smart. People have the tendency to use multiple exclamation marks, or fullstops! Do not do that. They don't look good. There is difference between chatting, and putting up a message on a personalised product. Also do not use shortcuts for words like 'u' instead of 'you' and 'luv' instead of 'love'.

3. Using poor quality images for printing

A picture might look good on your mobile or PC, however it should have good resolution if it is to be used for printing on a product say t-shirt or cushions or magnets. So select photos taken by a good camera, for better quality prints. In case you don't have a single good photo, you can create a collage using several photos, which will compensate the resolution issue, as the individual sizes of the photos will be small.

4. Expecting magic

Sometimes people create an image of the product in their mind, and expect the product to be exactly same! No one is going to read your mind. Unless you clearly communicate your ideas, you won't get the results you are expecting. Uploading a colored photograph and expecting it to come out as a black and white on the product, without even asking for it, is impossible. It is also seen that people sometimes upload multiple photos, and let the website pic one of the photos. This isn't advisable, and the sellers won't know the significance of your photos. So choose the photos which is close to you, and send only those to be used for customizations

5. Start designing your own personalized templates, without any artistic sense 

There is a reason, the personalized stores have so many pre-defined templates where in you just have to change the personalization details like name or message. Not every one is artistic and can understand what would look good eventually. You should trust the designers, rather than start designing yourself from scratch. However if one is artistic, he is free to make his own templates and unleash his creativity